10 Advent Calendar Ideas to Build On

November 19, 2013

If you're looking for Advent calendar present ideas I recommend checking out the major craft stores. Michaels, AC Moore and JoAnns. I can usually find a deluge of small knick knacks there. For me, with four kids (three of whom get Advent gifts) that can add up over 25 days! One idea is to buy one large thing and break it up into little pieces to dole out day by day. Some of these are neat because on the last day you have something you built together!

1. Charm necklace or bracelet.
But don't give it all at once. For Day 1 give the bracelet. Then give a charm for each day after. 25 charms seems like too much for a bracelet but a necklace might do. Or just do 12 days and then switch to something else. Places that have charms are AC Moore. Janlynn. Etsy.

2. Lego House Replica
Buy all the bricks needed to replicate your house. Then divide them by 25 days and slowly build the house each day! Brick Link is the best place for buying legos by the brick. You wouldn't have to do your house. Pick anything and let it be a surprise as the structure slowly comes together.

3. Money
Plain 'ol money could be fun too! But do it in a cute way. Give them a piggy bank on the first day and then each day after give them various sums that they have to save in the bank. Sometimes give 50 cents, sometimes $1. Maybe give them a $20 on the last day! Maybe even fold the dollar bills in cute shapes and let them unfold to see what the amount is. Here are some cute ways to fold money.

4. Puzzle
Put a couple pieces of the puzzle in each box and by the end have a finished picture, something that they love and can perhaps hang in their room. I think if you did this you'd have to put it together yourself first and then divide the picture into 25 groups so that you don't have pieces that don't connect each day. Still could be fun if your child is into puzzles!
5. Origami Manger
For each box put in a piece of paper and a small instruction on how to make each figure. Check out this book specifically for the origami nativity scene. Alternatively you could have blanket ceramic pieces for each day that your child could paint. Here are 25 pieces: 3 kings, Baby Jesusbassinet, 2 Sheep, 2 Cow, JosephMary, Hay, Manger (2 parts), ladder, 2 Donkeys, Presents, Star, 2 angels, 2 camels, 2 shepherds.

6. Craft Supplies
Making an art set can be expensive. But if you buy everything separately and give each day it can be spread out. Give the basket or box first. Washi Tapes also make great little gifts.

7. Fun Socks
Buy 25 pairs of socks from various dollar stores and let them wear a new pair every day.

8. Makeup
If you allow your kids to wear makeup give them a makeup case and then each day of the month give them something small like tinted chapstick or nail polish. Remember Kaboodles? Who didn't love those?!

9. Dollhouse Furniture
Give your child a dollhouse and give them a piece of furniture to put in the house every day. Sometimes even a simple book shelf works great as a dollhouse.

10. Any Sort of Collectible
Lala Loopsies, My Little Pony, Star Wars figurines, anything that can be bought as a set and then divided to break up into 25 days.

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Stacia, Paper Swallow Events said... Best Blogger Tips

The socks idea is really fun. Especially fun socks like the one you pictured!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I bought a little nativity set and every day he gets a little toy to add to his set.

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