Simple Medusa Costume

October 28, 2013

I went to a Halloween party this weekend and didn't know what to wear. I was so busy with other things that I didn't have time to sew anything. I saw this Martha Stewart idea a while back and decided to give it a go. I also used the makeup tutorial below for the green eye shading. Here's how I did the hair below!


-Bobby Pins
-Faux braids (you can find faux hair at Sally's, see here. I bought two pieces in the store for $2 a piece) Take them home then unravel them gently. If you're too rough you'll get all kind of trouble. Tie off the top with a rubber band and braid until you get to the bottom. Tie off the bottom with a rubber band.
-Rubber Snakes (you can find these here on Amazon but I needed to get them last minute so I found some at my local dollar store. They were clear, glow in the dark snakes so I used simple craft paint and painted them green. If I had more time I would have tried to paint them striped and spotted as well.)
-Different shades of green eye shadow, bright yellow eye shadow, black eyeshadow
-black liquid or cream eye liner
-white cream eye stick
-feather faux lashes (I bought mine at Spirit Halloween stores)
-a white, cream or nude colored chiffon dress
-gold arm bands (I bought the wrap around gold arm snake at Spirit Halloween stores)
-gladiator sandals
-gold rope (found at a craft store)

Step 1:
Braid your hair into 8-10 braids all over.

Step 2: Start pinning your braids to your scalp with the bobby pins. Tuck in the rubber band ends under the braid. Then entwine the snakes through the braids.

Step 3: Like so! If you need to, reinforce snakes with bobby pins. I found I only needed to reinforce a few snakes, most of them stayed in place just by pulling them through multiple braids. Then take your faux braids and wrap in a coil around the crown of your head. Entwine snakes as you go!

Step 4: Follow this video tutorial on how to do your eye makeup.

Step 5:
Put on your dress and wrap the gold rope around your waist the cross it in the front, cross it in the back and finish off by wrapping around your waist again.
Voila! Done!

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Sarah Vine said... Best Blogger Tips

You looked awesome! Love the imagination that you pulled out at the drop of a hat. xoxo

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