Paper Flower Wall with Silhouette Patterns

October 22, 2013

Brian's sister Melody is expecting a baby boy on Christmas Day! To celebrate her family and friends threw her a shower last weekend. I was in charge of a few decorations, paper flowers and fabric bunting. I've seen a lot of those paper flower walls in weddings lately (see photo below) and although I didn't want to make THAT many I wanted to try and see if I could make a few.
I was happily surprised that I could cut them with my silhouette machine using patterns bought for only $1 from the store. I enlarged them and cut them on four to seven 12x12 pages for each flower. If you wanted to do something like this for a party and have a silhouette machine it's totally doable. 

Still, set aside several days to finish a project of this size. Even letting the machine do the work of cutting the petals is tedious since you have to feed each page one at a time. I made all the flowers shown in the photos in just one day but it took me ALL DAY doing nothing else. If you made bigger flowers it would take you much less time to cover an entire wall but you'd spend more time cutting the petals. I cut an average of 3 petals per page and my flowers were about ?? x ??. But if you used one 12" x 12" sheet for one petal cut diagonally you could have a pretty large flower!
These were the flowers I used from the Silhouette Store below. They have a SLEW of 3d flowers so you don't have to just stick with these six but they are the ones pictured in the photos. I also included pictures of each flower at the bottom of this post!
To enlarge, I used the Silhouette software and enlarged the entire pattern so that the largest of the pattern pieces fit on one sheet and the rest of the pattern was off the paper. Then I right clicked on the pattern and "ungrouped". I moved the other pieces off the page and cut just the one page. Then I made another page with some of the other pieces I ungrouped and so on. If you want a more detailed description of what I did please leave me a comment and I will try to help!
Melody of course looked amazing in her navy lace maternity dress from ASOS! So cute and party appropriate. One of the things I gave Melody was a grocery cart cover but I put it in this gag box I found on Amazon. So funny. Didn't fool her but it got a laugh;-P

Here was the fabric bunting I made for baby "Xander" short for Alexander. Her nursery colors are grey, navy, white and turquoise. So for the bunting I embroidered the letters onto various fabrics of that color scheme then used heavy duty double sided iron on interfacing and ironed the embroidered letters on the front and fabric on the back of the interfacing. I then cut out the piece into a triangle shape and sprayed the edges with no fray spray. I then used two pieces of navy doubled folded bias tape and sewed the triangled into the fold of the bias tape.
Me and Melody. So color schemed appropriate!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is amazing and so helpful. I am going to do this for my wedding and this makes it look so much easier than I thought. I can't wait to try this.

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