20 Wedding Dresses Under $1000 on Etsy

October 14, 2013

Maybe when you imagine a handmade wedding gown you have visions of dowdy, ill fitting, cheap looking disappointments. Maybe you've always dreamed of having your girlfriends with you as you to try on wedding gowns at a number of dress shops. Maybe you're budget isn't going to fit a $5,000 dress anywhere in it no matter how many calories you burn. Might I offer a suggestion? Etsy. They've come along way in wedding gown selection over the years and might be worth a look if you can only spend between $200-$1,000. Note: some of the photos shown here are designer dresses which the Etsy seller has replicated. If you're ever unsure about buying a replicated dress ask the seller for pics created for other buyers. Often a couple recreated photos will accompany the listing.

Also from White Rose and Elena Fashion Studio. $299-$399

MisDress $169

J.Crew Dune replication via Blissful Gift $139

White Rose scroll down through link for photos

White Rose scroll down through link for photos.

Here's one to grow on! This one is $1295 but it was too gorgeous to pass up. Red Doll.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wedding is the most wonderful moment of a girls life.Wedding dresses are literally the icing on the cake on every bride's wedding day.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

All design of dresses is trendy and fashionable and pretty. I like the all pattern of dresses that you show. Thanks for sharing for this great post.


sorbetsurprise said... Best Blogger Tips

I bought my wedding dress on etsy and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

wedding dresses are look beautiful i get some new idea for planning wedding thanks can i get the photo in my wedding planner app for planning my friend wedding

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post I'm a plus size Bride getting married in 8 days and I found my dress at Alfred Angelo. They had my size in stock and I got to try my dress on and have the true Bridal experience Flower girl dresses

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello everyone. I am seeking help from members of this blog. I am seeking this on how to sell a wedding dress. Does anybody have tips or suggestions to share with me?

nancy john said... Best Blogger Tips

I must also take this moment to say that I DID like all of the dresses tried on, but this particular purchase involved more than sensibility and logic. It involved YEARS of girlie imagining, fashion perusing and the heart of "Uptown Red Head!"

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Alia parker said... Best Blogger Tips

Best wedding dress i have ever seen. I hired a fashion consultant so that i can get information about dress. My fashion consultant is so much helpful.

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