Pergola Overhangs: The Ultimate Cottage Chic Windows

August 4, 2013

While on vacation near the beach I saw this house with pergola overhangs which I really loved (sorry the photo is so blurry I had to take it with my iPhone through the window of our moving car). I superimposed the board and battan windows in the picture to give a better idea of the entire look but even without the shutters the look was charming, beachy, inviting. 
So I looked them up online and they're actually not terribly overpriced. You can buy a 5' long one from Brookstone for only $169. An 18' one (which is pretty darn huge) is $419. The 18' one might be something that would go over a garage or elongated bay window. You could grow viney flowers on these. If you were trying to revamp an older home, adding these to the windows would go A LONG WAY!
Pair these with some board and battan windows with black latchings like the below photo. PS here's a great board and battan shutter tutorial. The black latches can be bought on Amazon for only $15 here. I also found some pintels for cheap here.
And some window boxes.
You'd have the ULTIMATE cottage chic windows!

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