Mitered Square Painted Shade: Make Several at Once!

August 18, 2013

Perhaps you remember my Mitered Square Simple Ribbon Shade tutorial way back when. While this tutorial is still very easy and simple, if you would rather paint your blinds here's an alternative idea. This tutorial via Annabellea Desgin Studio is for a canvas but this would also work on a roller shades. 
BUT HERE'S ANOTHER IDEA, if you were doing multiple shades you could make a template out of strips of card stock and spray the back with repositionable adhesive. Position the template onto your shade and press down. Then spray paint over the mitered template. Peel off template and let dry then reuse onto another shade. This is probably the fastest and cheapest way you could get the mitered look. Plus if you are painting on the shade you might be able to get away with buying the cheaper light filtering shades since the paint will help to make them more opaque.

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