Duck Tape Greek Key Roller Shade Tutorial

September 22, 2014

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Duck Tape® isn't just for taping anymore. If you haven't lived under a rock for the last few years you've seen all the amazing things people have been doing with Duck Tape®. Prom dresses, purses, belts, hair accessories. YOU NAME IT! It's probably been made with Duck Tape®.
I just found a great use for it myself. For home decor it can substitute great for bias tape on roller shades! It's even better than bias tape because you don't have to use glue. And all your edges look crisp and clean.

In my upstairs landing we have a wide window. For a long time we left it uncovered. Then after a few houses around us were broken into we decided we should probably cover it. The quickest and cheapest thing to do was buy a roller shade. I've really never been a fan of the look of vinyl roller shades. However, I do like the ease at which they open and close and also....their price! So I made roller shades with bias tape for our bedroom. And I loved they way they looked so I wanted to do the same thing to the upstairs window. But honestly, the hot glue doesn't last forever and I've had to retouch them up at least two times since I finished them.

For a while I left it a blank white vinyl roller shade and it looked pretty ugly. Then I thought to use Duck Tape® instead of bias tape! No hot glue. Just roll and press down. You can see how it turned out! I only wish I had taken a "before" photo so you could have seen just how plain the space looked prior. If you would also like to try this project I included a template and tutorial below! It's pretty simple and easy!

Another idea which I wanted to try was doing a GOLD Duck Tape® Greek key border! But not on white vinyl. If you had a light blue roller shade or pink. This would look pretty interesting! You could always paint a vinyl roller shade blue or pink. You can also cut the vinyl off and attach fabric. See a tutorial on how to do that here on my blog!

If you want even more creative inspiration with Duck Tape®check out @TheDuckBrand on twitter. Great for back to school projects like pencil cases, notebook decoration, hair accessories....etc.You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart!
Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: Start taping around your border. I also added a black border because I think it helps define the Greek key design instead of having it sort of "float" in the space.

Step 3: At the top, mark where you want to stop. Don't go to the very top of your vinyl if your window is smaller than the length of your shade. Measure your window to know where to stop your tape.

Step 4: Two inches down from your border on either side place your template on the shade. Download template here. Make dots at every corner and press hard enough so that you can see the dots through to the vinyl shade. Lift your template and connect the dots.

Step 5: Now start adding your tape to form your Greek key using the outlined shape you just made with the template.

Step 6: Repeat for the next three Greek key shapes. And remember you must leave two inches of space between the side and top or bottom border when you are transferring your template image to the vinyl. Done!
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