DIY Life Sized Pool Noodle Lincoln Logs

July 16, 2013

Oh my goodness! What CAN'T you do with pool noodles? They're starting to rank up there with pallets;-) Check out this clever little idea! Use pool noodles as life sized lincoln logs. Just cut notches in each end. Cut to various sizes for smaller or larger logs. Here's a written tutorial via the DIYNetwork. Now, I don't know where you'd find brown pool noodles BUT even better, I found this little tutorial via Miss Kopy Kat about covering pool noodles with wood grain contact paper which would look more realistic. I've seen wood grain contact paper for sale at Walmart for pretty cheap (like 18 cents a square foot cheap). You could also try paint but I'm not sure how messy that would be. Photo on the right via flickr user KimKnits.

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Altaira McComb said... Best Blogger Tips

I actually google searched the image earlier this year and those aren't pool noodles - it's an actual kit you can buy for a few hundred dollars. I would go the pool noodle route though for that kinda cash :)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Altaira McCombYeah, I google searched it as well and couldn't find anything. I guess I assumed the photo on the left were not actual pool noodles but retail toys. If you still have the link could you please send it to me in another comment. I'd like to show readers how inexpensive the alternative is. I did read that the retail ones were made out of the same stuff that pool noodles were made out of so would make for a nice DIY project I think.

czpcraft said... Best Blogger Tips

Kathleen, I came to track down that allusive printed DIY for making the lincoln log house out of pool noodles. Your link for the DIY came up a 401 error page. By any chance did you save the instructions that you can re post them on your site? If not could you email where I might find them?
Caroline Powley

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