In Betweeners: Short Pants Solution

July 15, 2013

Love this idea! My girls are always getting too tall for their old pants but they still fit around the waist. I can't let them walk around in pants that are obviously too short. Since my girls are between two and two and a half years apart I can't just put the old pants on the younger child when the other child has grown out of them. I have to put away a years worth of pants in storage until the other one is able to wear them. WHAT A PAIN! 

If I used these cute little cuffs I could just pin it onto the bottom of their pants instead of having to pack up the old stuff. Then when the younger child was tall enough I'd just unpin these and start all over again.You could also do plain cuffs in a plaid or gingham print. That would look pretty slick too! Get the tutorial at Mother Huddle!

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Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a cute idea. I recently lengthened my jeans by adding lace and I think this could be a pretty cute idea for girls too. And probably faster.
If you'd like to see the result, you can check out the tutorial here:
It's in German, but it's pretty straight forward

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

So sorry for the multiple comments. It didn't submit right away, so I double clicked it, and again and again...

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