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June 20, 2013

So for my Game of Thrones party I themed each of the h'orderves with something related to the show. If you're into Game of Thrones then all of these items should mean something in the show to you. I got so enwrapped in being the party host that I neglected to photograph the Bowls of Brown and the Salmon but the stuff I did take photos of were the best items of the menu anyway. Though I'm sort of disappointed about not getting very good pics of the "Rats on a Spit":-( And yes, my kitchen was a DISASTER by the end of the day.
If you're planning a GoT party in the future bookmark this post! During the next few days I'm going to describe and show you how I made each of these items and link to the instructions in this post.

The menu:

Dire Wolf Bread
Lemon Cakes
Candied Apple Horse Hearts
Salmon a la Tully
Bowls of Brown
Rats on a Spit
Jeweled Chocolates
Dragon Eggs
Ales of Westeros

Pretzel Dire Wolf Bread
Inspiration: Hotpie's gift to Arya when they say goodbye.

Candied Apple Horse Heart
Ally (of The Motley Mongoose) is pregnant BTW ;-P
Inspiration: Daenerys's ceremonial eating of a horse heart for a strong baby.

White Chocolate Jewels
Inspiration: All of Xaro Zhoan Daxos's gold and jewels

Dragon Tea Eggs
Inspiration: Daenerys's dragon eggs

Ales of Westeros
Inspiration: Tyrion's love of alcohol

Lemon Cakes
Inspiration: Sansa LOVES lemon cakes;-)

Rats on a Spit 
('s actually chicken) Sorry, this was the only picture I could find in my camera card:-(
Inspiration: All the wood wanderers who are always eating small rodents on a spit.

Black and White Sesame Seed Encrusted Salmon a la Tully 
(A trout dish is more appropriate. I just prefer salmon.) Image via The Kitchn
Inspiration: House Tully's sigil is a trout.

Bowls of Brown (Dumpling Soup)
I forgot to photograph mine version but I got the recipe via A Beautiful Mess.

Inspiration: Melisandra's talk with Gendry about the mystery meat in their childhood stews.

5 {comments}:

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, what an awesome feast! This is so cool!! :) I am a huge GoT fan too. :)

Abigail said... Best Blogger Tips

So disappointed that I missed this:(

Abigail said... Best Blogger Tips

So disappointed that I missed this. I was really looking forward to getting out of the house and having some adult time.

Abigail said... Best Blogger Tips

So disappointed that I missed this:(

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Any recipe for the direwolf pretzels? They look adorable and I would love to bake them for the Season 4 premiere. Thanks!!

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