Fire Cracker Fringe Wands

May 29, 2013

Little girls love to pretend. Whether they’re fairies, ballerinas, princesses or gymnasts these fringe streamer wands are a fun and easy way to encourage their imagination. They're also great for party favors, weddings, or make some in red, white and blue fringe for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday!
You might have seen variations of ribbon wands around the internet. These have a special twist that make the experience a little more magical. Instead of satin or grosgrain ribbons you’re going to be using fringe streamers which can be found at many party stores. When the wand is swung the many gold tassels will catch the sunlight at various times in colorful ways thus creating a more enchanting, almost firecracker-like, experience.
Of course, wand decoration is also essential and helps to personalize each rod for each child. I recommend using washi tape since it’s the simplest to apply. You can also use paint or glitter or anything that is bright and/or sparkles.

You can buy red, white and blue fringe streamers and make Fourth of July firecracker ribbon wands as party favors for your youngest party guests! These also make excellent birthday party favors since they are simple and fast to assemble and will entertain for hours. I promise, they’ll be a bigger hit than wristbands and less annoying than party horns! See it in action below!
The best part about this project is that once you have all your materials gathered it should take a very short time to construct. Since there’s no drying time your kids can go outside and enjoy their project just minutes after starting. Weather permitting of course!

Materials Needed: 
12” dowel rod
glitter washi tape
eyelet screw
1” length of necklace chain
needle nose pliers
fringe streamers


Cut a 21” piece of glitter washi tape.

Wrap the washi tape around the dowel rod starting at the top and ending at the bottom of the rod.

Cut off the ends of the washi tape that hang over the ends of the dowel rod.

An adult will have to help with the next two steps. Take the eyelet screw and have an adult twist the pointed end into the top of the dowel rod until it can go no further.

Take your 1” length of chain and using the needle nose pliers pry open a link of the chain and hook it through the eyelet screw. Then close the opening in the link using the needle nose pliers.

Cut off a piece of the fringe streamer  5’ in length. Then cut the straight edge off vertically so that there is about ¾” of streamer left on the fringe.

Cut a few pieces of fringe off one of the ends so that you have about 3” of streamer at the end of your piece.

An adult will have to help with this step. Roll the end so that it is as thin as you can make it. Then thread the end through the last link of the 1” length of chain. Tie in a knot then retie in another knot.

Swing and dance!

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