DIY Dress Up Duvet and Pillow

April 1, 2013

This is such a super clever duvet and pillow set. It's sold here. Though the currency is European. You could probably DIY this and then you could make any thing you wanted. A super hero. A fire fighter. A ballerina. A police man. An Army man. Maybe use felt. It wouldn't be as "real life" but you'd still get the same concept. If you did want to DIY this and wanted it to look real life you could try uploading an image to a fabric printing service like Fabric on Demand or  Spoonflower and printing it on fabric through them.

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Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

While this is cute (and so is the girly princess version), what's even better is that they have some which go to help a good cause. They make some sheets that look like a sidewalk and a duvet cover and pillowcase set that resemble cardboard boxes. When you purchase any of these, proceeds go to help homeless Dutch youth (it's a Dutch company).

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