Geometric Patterns and Florals for Spring

March 21, 2013

I simply love the new household items that I got for Henri's room and our bedroom. I'm currently revamping Henri's nursery while moving the sewing room at the same time. It's been quite a challenge. I haven't planned a nursery since Molly was born in 2007 let alone one for a boy. I want his room to look pleasing but not too feminine. I chose an orange, grey and white color scheme. Now I'm just starting on this project so I have A LOT I still need to do and a lot still coming in the mail but Target's new Threshold line helped me get started.

I have this geometric pattern that is present throughout many rooms of my home. When I saw it at Target in orange I knew I had to include it. The look is bold, not too feminine but beautiful. Orange is the common color in my home. In each room I try to include something orange to tie the home together. In my living room I have an orange record player, in the dining room I have orange dining chairs, in Henri's nursery I have oodles of orange, in the sewing room I have orange supply boxes. The other colors in my home attempt to compliment the orange (greys and greens in the living area; blues and aquas in the bedroom).

I also think a nursery should have a comfy chair. My old chair had seen better days so I bought this gorgeous orange and white aviary themed slipper chair and everytime I walk in the room it pops! I can't wait to finish the rest to show you! I have so much planned and I have a lot of work ahead of me. Hope you'll approve.

It’s Time for Springtime.

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