Easter Bunny Table Setting

March 12, 2013


Some of you may already be planning your Easter table for your families. Whether you're planning a dinner for twenty or a bunch for five, deciding what your guests will see when they first sit down to eat can take some planning. Target offers some great colors and patterns to help you looking good.
Easter meals should be light. We're all welcoming longer daylight, warmer weather and brighter foliage. Our table should reflect that as well. My dining room is kind of dark with dark grey walls so it's really a struggle for me to bring in light. I want my Easter table setting to look bright but I also don't want it to clash with my decor. (ie no pastels)
So this year I picked bright oranges, yellowish greens, lighter grays and whites to welcome in the Easter season. I also made these adorable linen bunny napkins for each setting, appreciated by the adults but especially the kids. They're made with Threshold linen napkins sold at target. I think the cutest part was the nose. I just cut three pieces of string and knotted them together in the middle. Then I slid a safety pin through the back of one side of the folded napkin then through the center of the knot I just made then through a button's opening, then back into the napkin. How stinkin' cute! Here's the folding guide I used.
I love the crisp clean Threshold table settings. I use nothing else but white for all my serving pieces. They always look bright and accent anything you put on them. However, I also kind of liked these plastic Threshold serve ware for everyday use. I like to use plastic wares when I'm making daily lunches and breakfasts. Having too much heavy ceramic wear in the sink is overwhelming. I loved these because they were light weight but still super stylish.

I also loved this Threshold table runner. It matches my accent wall so perfectly. This woodgrain one looks great too. And the orange, grey and white place mats were the perfect color scheme for the room. But these floral ones would have looked great too.
It’s Time for Springtime.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.”

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CJ said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the light above your table! Did you make it? If so, please consider doing a tutorial!! Thanks for all of your great tutorials and inspiration!

Cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

just lovely. and I have that same cage! you've inspired me to pick up a can of spray paint and lighten it up! lovely blog!

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