Custom Lacy Party Horns

March 4, 2013

If you hate those dollar store generic party horns check out this super simple DIY to make your own scalloped party horns that your guests will compliment. And check out more fun with Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram using the #12MonthsOfMartha hashtag.

Step 1:
Get together a pack of generic party blowers from the dollar store, hot glue, a Martha Stewart circle edge punch, decorative paper and colored tape.

Step 2: Remove the mouthpiece from your party horn.
Step 3: Using the Martha Stewart Circle punch lay your paper on top and place the magnetic circle in the center securing your paper in place.
Step 4: Use a decorative punch and at the edge of the paper make your cut.
Step 5: Turn the paper using the center wheel and make another punch.
Step 6: Keep going until you go the entire way around.
Step 7: Make a slit in your circle from the edge to the center.
Step 8: Fold into a cone shape. Hot glue or tape the end of the paper to secure the cone.
Step 9: Cut the tip off so that you have a hole at the bottom. But be sure not to cut it wider than the top of the mouthpiece.
Step 10: (Optional) If you want your mouthpiece to coordinate with your cone you can either wrap it in colored tape or if you don't have colored tape just cover it with paper. If you're going to use paper try to use a paper that will stand up to saliva;-P Glue paper to one side and wrap around mouthpiece. Then glue other side to paper.
Step 11: Then cut the excess paper from the top and bottom of mouthpiece.
Step 13: Put some hot glue on the inside of the mouthpiece and place the mouthpiece over the tip of your cone. VOILA! Complete.

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