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February 1, 2013

I've been busy setting up my new basement studio. Made the big move from continuous lights to strobes. Also moved from the garage to the basement. No heat in the garage made it impossible to work in the winter. I had to literally move, toss and organize a mountain of junk but it was so worth it!! I decided to test it out on myself this morning since I was all dressed up for a luncheon this afternoon. 
The wall behind me is actually a vinyl backdrop and the floor beneath me is actually a vinyl floordrop I purchased from Swankyprints. The lack of faux baseboard kind of gives that away but I think once I make one it should look pretty good. I wrote up a big post about Swankyprints. They have the cheapest prices AND the best variety. Check out some photos I took of Molly yesterday. She looks so much older to me. Maybe it's a fluke.
Here's another thing I use which is so ESSENTIAL! It's a ceiling/wall mounted roller system. Whenever I want to change a backdrop I just pull a chain. No removing awkward rolls or knocking over stands. It's by far the most important piece in the studio. Here's what the studio looks like from a far.
Eloise also sat for me. How stinkin' cute was she?
My mom and Henri (who was not very cooperative;-P)
I'm still learning but if anyone has any questions for me about my setup, I'd be happy to answer! To briefly describe my setup....I have six strobes total. One 800 watt, two 400 and three 300 watts. On those strobes I have four lightboxes, one 36"x36", one 24"x36", two 16"x16". I also have a beauty dish which is not currently being used at the moment. They are all connected via wireless slaves.
I'm considering getting some overhead 150 watt strobes and definitely more backdrops. I'll definitely keep y'all updated;) For now I'm off to the local pool, I've kept the babies waiting long enough;-)
Here are a list of my sources and yes, they are cheap eBay strobes, but the more expensive equipment is well.....expensive. If you do want better quality expensive lights, I hear Alienbees is quite good.

The lights were as follows:

(Here's a 600w for only $125!) I didn't get this but it's a good deal!

The backdrop and floordrop was as follows (this is with a 20% off coupon code)

(They have smaller sizes available too. But I think the smallest backdrop you can work with an adult is 8'x5')

+ 2" PVC Pipes at Home Depot =$10

4x Flash Slaves $45 (These are necessary for having the flashes sync with your camera) + 2 more slaves $29

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Very Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for all the tips! I love the setup and really appreciate you sharing how you made the studio and what supplies you use. You also look GORGEOUS btw!

Diane said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree, what a beautiful family! And the set-up totally beats my iPhone + desk lamp combo by just a little bit. :)

tu-ki-mu said... Best Blogger Tips

studio looks great. jealous u :)
daily readers miss very much your project,
miss your creative photo tips,
miss homemade kids clothes,
miss your series
so you dont talk about anything... ı hope that new studio for all of them ?

Jessica Peck said... Best Blogger Tips

looking into a strobe setup myself. are you using radio controls? did you purchase a kit or everything individual? Sources? thanks! :)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Jessica Peck Yes! Radio controls. I think they're also called wireless slaves. I bought mine here here:

I also just added all the other sources to the post in case you or anyone else was interested.

Darilyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the sources! You delve into the most adventurous projects!

LGreenWriter said... Best Blogger Tips

This post made me realize how long I've been following your blog - at least two years? - the kids ALL are looking so much more grown-up! So adorable. Congrats on your new, warm studio.
: )

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