Should This Be a Must on Your Sewing Equipment List?

January 2, 2013

Oooo, I may have something to add to my post Christmas list. It's a fabric cutter and sealer hot knife. Have any of you ever seen or used one of these before? There are so many uses for something like this. You can buy one on Amazon for $125.

Looks like it would be great for making strips of fabric for quilts, pettiskirts, anything that you wouldn't want to hem the edge of. Wanting to avoid fray edges on the inside of homemade clothing? Want to make decorative scallops without all the hassle? I wonder what the finished edge feels like? In the two videos below the demonstrator uses Sunbrella fabric which is very stiff. I wonder what it would look like on something like chiffon or even plain quilter weight cotton?

And this is a "hot knife". It's basically a soldering iron with a special tip. A lot lighter and maybe easier to make curves? Also a lot cheaper. Here's a link to purchase the special tip for $14.

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pboszko said... Best Blogger Tips

No, but it looks like a mini cutting knife that's used by cutters in the garment district!

BluBabesCreate said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this! More crap I could use. I love seeing you make your wreaths. I miss all of mine.

Chris said... Best Blogger Tips

You can only use it with synthetic fabrics! This youtube video is pretty helpful

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