Sewing Room Tips: Magnetic Pin Bowl

January 28, 2013

Hello? Where have you been all my life? Via Diary of a Quilter. She made hers with two heavy magnets taped to the underside of the bowl but I wonder if you could also just use magnetic paint. OR maybe use both to keep the pins in even better.

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Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't think that Magnetic Paint would work - I believe the paint contains small steel/iron particles... which allow a magnet to stick onto the painted surface. Therefore, as the pins are not themselves magnetic - they would not stick to the paint.

You can often find cheap magnetic little tins/trays/dishes in hardware or DIY stores - as people use them to keep their nails/screws etc. safe from getting lost. I found one for Hubby once in our local Pound Shop (I guess they're the UK equivalent of a Dollar-Store?)

jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

My husband gave me a magnetic bowl he had bought for himself to store loose nails. He bought it at Home Depot for a few dollars. It's extremely magnetic so I can't place it next to my machine for long, but it's perfect on my cutting table and ironing board.

Diane said... Best Blogger Tips

After too many times knocking over the pin box, I just use my homemade pin cushion cuff religiously. It's cute too! But, this is beautiful and would look great sitting on the table.

Tracy King said... Best Blogger Tips

Mechanics use magnetic bowls all the time. You can buy them in auto parts stores usually in several different sizes. Just thought I'd mention it for those who don't feel the DIY itch :)

misplaced texan said... Best Blogger Tips

You can buy magnetic pin dishes at JoAnns and other sewing places. I have one and love it but it is not pretty like this bowl

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