$25 Ring Flash Quick Review

January 7, 2013

I tried my new ring flash Brian's parents bought for me this Christmas. I can't wait to set up some backdrop and try this out on black paper. Here were some quick shots I took of the kids in our dining room. Love the eye effects! These shots were taken without any post-editing (besides cropping), straight from the camera.
I've never used a ring flash before so I don't have anything to compare it to. I realize that there are really expensive ones ie $200+ that have their own speed light that connects to your hot shoe. Mine was only $26 and it connects to a separate speed light (ie you must already own a speed light and the ring flash hooks over it). I've read reviews of photographers who have both and from what I gather, you can get the same results but you must increase the flash stops on your speed light. I took these between 1/4 and 1/2. 1/1 was way too bright. Other settings: 100 ISO, shutter speed at 1800, f/4-5. And my living room is very dim. Plus it's said that the color balance is cooler but this is easily corrected by adjusting your camera settings or in post-editing.
Photo via photojojo.
A friend said she thought the effect was very sci-fi. I guess my only issue with it was if I wanted the catch light in their eyes to outline their pupils I had to get REALLY close. And I couldn't zoom, I had to physically get in their faces. But I think the same would be true of the expensive ring flashes as well.
What's neat about the results from a ring flash is that you should have very little shadow on your subject with a halo effect in the background (and this is more noticeable with a backdrop). Plus you really can't beat that eye effect;-) Additionally the detail on your subject is crisp. It can be a very flattering look if done correctly.

For some good ring flash inspiration photography I recommend checking out Flickr's Orbis Ring Flash group.

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que bonito efecto, quedan preciosas las fotografias.

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