Thrift Store or Modcloth?

December 12, 2012

My friend Cheila and I recently got together and made some quickie scarves for Christmas which I'll get to later but seriously, check out her super adorable dress!

I asked if it was Modcloth to which she answered no, thrift store. In the 89¢ bin none-the-less. Score Cheila!

I'd love to do a series in which I find something cute and ask if it's thrift store or Modcloth? Wouldn't that be fun?!

4 {comments}:

Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

That is such an interesting observation. I'd be curious to see how people would do on a Thrift Store/ModCloth survey.

LisaM said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE IT! :-) Great idea.

Cheilita said... Best Blogger Tips

Just saw these two posts with ME all over them. I'm blushing. Can't wait to craft it up again soon! HUGS!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

That would be fun!

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