Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas: Sweater Slippers

December 21, 2012

I just bought these amazing Dearform sweater slippers from Kohls yesterday. But seeing this picture on left (credit unknown) inspired me. 

If you wanted to try and DIY this, just cut off the sleeves off a large sweater (mens work best). Use the original cuff as the top. Turn wrong side out and sew raw edge closed. Turn right side out. Instant sweater slippers! 

If your sleeves were big enough you could add fur to the inside like my Dearforms. You could also add vinyl to the bottom. Cut in the shape of your foot fold edges toward wrong side. Iron. Sew to bottom of slipper.

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tu-ki-mu said... Best Blogger Tips
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tu-ki-mu said... Best Blogger Tips

katy, you are so slow about your series....
please show us how we make this idea...
we miss tutorials....
a daily reader..

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