Awesome Personalized Christmas Stocking Pattern (free download)

December 18, 2012

Every year I make a new set of stockings for the family because every year I'm disappointed with the previous year's handiwork.
Plus, I can never seem to make them big enough no matter how hard I plan. We like to fill the stockings with good things, not just candy. So at times, items tend to be a little larger than 3" in width.
So this year I decided to really invest some time into making our stockings so that I wouldn't feel the need to revisit them again next year. This is what I came up with and I'm so pleased with the result.
PLUS, I made a printable pattern for you too! Here's a pic of the pattern below. 


I recommend following these steps to the letter. It's actually pretty tricky for a stocking. If you mix up steps or leave out steps you'll run into trouble down the road.

Print pattern and tape together. Use the 4"x4" test square to make sure the pattern is the right size. Although, it's not that necessary for this pattern to be exactly correct since you're not wearing it. In fact you could enlarge or shrink the pattern if you wanted a smaller  or larger stocking.

The pattern is numbered so you can tell where each paper belongs. When you are taping the papers together overlap the squares at the top and bottom of each page.
Once you have all your pattern pieces cut, follow the directions on each piece and pin to each fabric that you want to use.

If you want to embroider a name onto the "Stocking Cuff Over" piece like I did, embroider on your fabric first then cut out pattern piece. The embroidery tends to shift the shape of the fabric. I used my embroidery machine for a professional look but homemade stitching looks pretty too. You can also take a piece of yarn and sew or hot glue their name in cursive. Or leave blank. It's up to you.

Cut out pattern pieces onto your fabrics. To make things go faster when making multiple stockings, cut all your fabric at once. NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT. These pieces DO NOT have seam allowances. So, you must add your own 1/2" allowance. Also note, I made a mistake with the cuff back pattern. Do not add seam allowance to the other side (top), add it to the bottom instead. I'll be changing the pattern later then I'll delete this sentence.

Here's a tip for getting a more exact pattern when you have to add your own seam allowance. Once you add your seam allowance take the original pattern and trace it onto the fabric's WRONG SIDE (some of my pics shows lines on the right side, I learned the hard way that the wrong side is where you want to be tracing;) You can use disappearing marker (which they sell at most fabric stores). I use regular thin tip sharpies. As long as it doesn't bleed you should be okay. ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP, if you add iron on interfacing to the stocking front, back and cuff pieces like I do, wait until after you add the interfacing to trace your pattern onto your pieces. Otherwise you'll be covering your tracings;) But you can go ahead and trace the seam for the heel immediately. 

Sew heel piece to front pattern piece, right sides together. This can be really tricky because the heel is round. If you follow the tracing tip I mentioned in the previous step it will help you get a more exact seam. ALSO, this is almost necessary, before you try to sew the heel to the front, cut notches in the seam allowance on both the heel and front stocking pattern (heel area only).

Then sew toe to front right sides together. This is also a curved seam (though not AS curved as the heel). So I recommend making notches before you sew as well. Just be sure to trace your pattern on the wrong sides so you get a perfect seam.

Now sew stocking cuffs at side seams right sides together. If you are NOT adding a trim to the bottom edge of the cuffs then sew the side seams of the second pair of stocking cuffs you cut. Then sew bottom edge of cuff pieces, right sides together. Clip notches in seams. Turn right side out.

Note: In the pattern, didn't add a loop to hang the stocking. But if you would like to, just take a piece of decorative rope or fabric and sandwich the ends into the top seam between the "Stocking Cuff Over" seam and the Cuff Back seam.

Lay your fabric on top of a piece of interfacing and cut around fabric. Leave a lot of room around pattern. I've found that interfacing tends to shift a bit so this way I can't go wrong. Iron on interfacing to front stocking piece. Then trim extra interfacing around fabric. 

Then take the front stocking PAPER pattern and lay on top of the wrong side of the front stocking fabric and trace with marker.

Iron on interfacing to back stocking piece the same way you did in the previous step. Trim extra interfacing. Then take the front stocking PAPER pattern and lay on top of the wrong side of the back stocking fabric and trace with marker.

IF YOU ARE ADDING TRIM TO THE BOTTOM EDGE, iron on interfacing to cuff piece the same way you did in the previous step. Trim extra interfacing. Then take the cuff PAPER patterns and lay on top of the cuff interfacing and trace with marker on WRONG side of fabric ONLY along the top. REMEMBER, to match bottom of PAPER patterns to bottom of the cuff piece since there is NO seam allowance at the bottom.

IF YOU ARE NOT ADDING TRIM, pin your (turned right side out) cuff piece (not paper pattern) and pin on top of a piece of interfacing and cut WITHOUT adding seam allowances. Take that interfacing piece and sandwich it inside your front and back cuff pieces. Iron.
(no pic available)

If you are adding bias tape or trim to the bottom cuff edge, do so now. I used velvet ribbon which I simply hot glued on. If you are adding buttons, sew or glue on as well along line of ribbon.

Sew back stocking piece to front stocking piece right sides together. Turn right side out. This is difficult for the curled toe. I used needle nosed pliers and pulled it out that way. It went a lot easier.

Now take batting and stuff the toe of the stocking tightly. Stuff up to a little past the toe seam. Take a wide piece of extra fabric and push down stocking to completely cover loose batting.

Sew lining pieces together at side seams right sides together. Hem bottom edge or add bias tape. Turn right side out. Pin lining to inside of stocking, WRONG sides together (ie, wrong side of lining to interfacing side).
(no pic available)

Pin cuff to INSIDE of stocking, WRONG side of cuff to RIGHT side of lining. Also, remember to match the "Stocking Cuff Over" piece to the Front Stocking piece. If the cuff is a little too wide for the opening of the stocking, feel free to move the "Stocking Cuff Over" piece to the left or right to accommodate opening. Sew at top seam.

Take cuff piece and flip and fold over top of stocking. (Note: My lining is missing from this photo)

Take a jingly bell and sew it to tip of toe. DONE! Finally, right?! But you're finished stocking should look pretty awesome now. I think it's worth the extra effort;)

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Trish said... Best Blogger Tips

These really are awesome! Thanks for the pattern!

Terri said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute stocking! I'd wrap it as a gift if it doesn't fit in the stocking. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
Hugs and Merry Christmas

tu-ki-mu said... Best Blogger Tips

önceki yıllardaki çorapları göstermen mümkün mü? neden her yıl hayal kırıklığına uğradığını merak ettim :) senin hiçbir yaptığın çok iyiden daha az olamaz!
thank u for share to this project

Judi said... Best Blogger Tips

What a GORGEOUS stocking! I've already downloaded it, although it'll have to be for next Christmas now, as I still have absolutely TONS to do. I've also put it on my Pinterest board (hope that's OK?) to remind me where to find it.

Merry Christmas & MANY thanks for the pattern.


Deanie said... Best Blogger Tips

This stocking is fantastic, thanks for sharing the pattern. Love it!

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