The Cheapest Ombre Tights You'll Ever Find

November 4, 2012

I'd love to own a pair of ombre tights in every color. I know I'd get compliments where ever I went. But for the most part, these are still kind of expensive. My favorite ones from BZR are $40 with an additional $5 shipping. Nearly $50 for tights that can rip or run still has me reeling. I found some on eBay for pretty cheap.  Only $5.89 with free shipping! Check em out. More colors available. My only complaint is that they go from light to dark. I prefer mine to go the other way. I think it looks more slimming. But I'd be willing to compromise for the price and especially for those blue ones below;-)

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Natasha said... Best Blogger Tips

I also think the dark part should always be at the top with ombre tights. Why would you want your thighs to look bigger? :)

DangAndBlast! said... Best Blogger Tips

yes, my opaque tights always look like this naturally, from stretching more at my thighs. you'reright about going the other way!

Lelerz03 said... Best Blogger Tips

Tights can't be dyed? I mean... for ombre wouldn't a dip dye be in order? Hmmm. Sounds like experiment time for me.

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