Photoshoots: French Sequin Backdrops

October 10, 2012

My photography studio has been so neglected. It's sad. I have such limited space and we have grown out of our house so I don't have much to work with. But I recently bought frames at Micheals with a buy one get one free deal. The second one I bought is a very large 2'x3' frame that I plan on filling with a family portrait for my mother to give as a Christmas gift.

In order to do this I'll have to get my studio back on it's feet so all morning I've been looking at ways to make a small space work. In the process I've fallen in love with some pretty cool backdrops. This one below from Adorama Camera in particular is pretty neat, except for the price tag, $417.

But if you wanted to you could get the exact same thing if you bought four of these and sewed them together for only $100.

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