Inspiration Clothing: Button up Bottoms

September 26, 2012

I have been in a pant rut lately. There isn't much variety out there. Skinny jeans, more skinny jeans, ultra skinny jeans....jeggins. Wide legs look pretty in the catalogs and on the models but unfortunately not on me. But I actually really like this, originally from Anthropologie though I don't know what season unfortunately. But you could DIY this easily with any old pant. Just cut a slit up the side and add round buttons with loops. I think I might try to do this with some of my old boring britches. Or....maybe I'll just go to Forever 21 and buy a pair of $15 white skinnies to try it.

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Jaime said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish I could do that, or better yet, find them to buy. Super cute. I just don't sew.

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