Chunky Knit Blanket How To & Yarn Sources

September 1, 2012

 Love those chunky knit blankets? Make one for yourself.
Here are some thick yard sources:

Get how-to video below.

Photo via Anthropologie.

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Amber (Bouncing Buttons) said... Best Blogger Tips

I became obsessed with this blanket last year. After hours of hunting I found it was a knit blanket from Pottery Barn. I don't believe PB sells it anymore. This blanket looks like it is knit from roving. Roving is the thick wool snake like fibers you spin into yarn.

Hannah said... Best Blogger Tips

For this particular picture, I haven't found a true source. But there's one similar to it on Etsy:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

As a knitter, should one want to make this (which would be easy...this is a simple rib pattern...I think 3 x 3?), the biggest super chunky weights I know of are Sidar Bigga, and Rowan's Big Wool, Biggy Print. I agree with the other poster that this may be roving - it really is enormous, but that said, if you doubled any of the yarns above, you would achieve this (albeit at a very high cost!)

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard that the image came from Anthropologie originally, but I haven't been able to verify it either! I did figure out how to recreate the blanket, though, and I've written up the pattern and posted it online. You can also buy the finished blanket if you have the cash to spare! All the info is on my Giganto-Blanket FAQ page on my blog, Nocturnal Knits. I hope that helps!

Elle said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, the original source of the image is the Anthropologie December 2009 Catalog.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@ElleI check out the December catalog but couldn't find it.

Hallie said... Best Blogger Tips

Pottery Barn also currently carries a blanket very similar to this. Love it!

coralp said... Best Blogger Tips

How much of the magia yarn would you need to use to make this blanket??

LC said... Best Blogger Tips

@Amber (Bouncing Buttons) if you're still obsessed with the blanket - i found it at:

Foot Patrol said... Best Blogger Tips

the source of this blanket is i made it a couple of years ago.

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