Pinterest Beach Experiment #2

August 9, 2012

Using a Suntan Bottle for your keys, wallet and phone.
So, was this beach experiment successful?
Well, I didn't get my wallet stolen if that counts. But I do have one small suggestion....
I looked all over for a suntan bottle that didn't have a narrow opening. You might be able to find one but it's going to be quite a scavenger hunt. It's so much easier to use a baby wipe bottle or box. These are a dime a dozen (well, not literally but they are a LOT easier to find). I bought this jumbo sized one for only $2 at Walmart. The lid pops right off. Plus, if you buy a big one you can take out 3/4ths of the wipes and put the remaining 1/4th in a ziplock baggie and back in the bottle. That way, if you put your wallet, keys and phone underneath the baggie you really have a secret storage.

Stay tuned later this afternoon for another Disney Princess Inspired Ribbon Tutorial!

2 {comments}:

Lettie B. said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the idea reviews and I like your alternative method for this one. I was wondering how the baby powder thing worked too and your attempt/post about it was helpful. I've seen a couple of blogs where people are trying out pins and sharing how they worked for them. I love it! I've been doing it too, but with recipes. I'm excited to see what else you try out!

DangAndBlast! said... Best Blogger Tips

On our way to Hawaii with the baby, definitely trying this!

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