Day 12: Alice in Wonderland Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon Sculpture Pattern

August 31, 2012

Welcome to day TWELVE of the Disney Inspired Ribbon Sculpture Patterns. Only one more to go! During each day of the week (except weekends) I'll be posting the pattern of a Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon. Fun, huh?! Today we're doing Alice in Wonderland. Now, I know she's not a 'princess' but how can we leave her out? She's completely adorable;) Get all the tutorials for all the Disney Princesses as I post them in the link below:
Alice is so proper. I kinda like her simplicity and neatness. So English.

Materials: Hot glue

no-fray spray (or hair spray)

Start out with these lengths of ribbon:

Flesh colored: 2¼ ", 3"
Black: ¾", 
Yellow: 3"
White: 1½", seven pieces of 1¼", 2"
Turquoise: 1½", two pieces of 1", five pieces of 4"

Step 1: Roll flesh colored 3" piece of ribbon into a circle and glue. This will be your head.

Step 2: Pinch your piece of black ribbon in the middle. Glue in place. Spray with no fray spray.

Step 3: Take your yellow ribbon and cut the ends into a rounded shape. Spray with no fray spray. This will be her hair.

Step 4: Glue hair to head so that one half falls over the front of her face and the other half fall behind her head. Like so.

Step 5: Take your white 1½" piece of ribbon and cut a rectangle out from one end to the middle. Spray with no fray spray. Discard small rectangle.

Step 6: Glue white ribbon to 1½" turquoise ribbon.

Step 7: Roll into a ball and glue ends together. This will be her bodice.

Step 8: Glue black ribbon to top of her head. Then glue bodice to front of body.

Step 9: Take your 1" pieces of turquoise ribbon and gluing one end of each ribbon to back of arms. Lift hair out of the way.

Step 10: Wrap around front of arms and glue end of ribbons to back of arms. Like so.

Step 11: Take your 4" pieces of turquoise ribbon and fold in half. Glue ends together.

Step 12: Glue those pieces of ribbon in a fan shape at ends. This will be her skirt.

Step 13: Take your seven pieces of 1¼" white ribbon and glue in a fan shape. Glue ends as well as sides together.

Step 14: Cut off rounded shape. Spray with no fray spray. This will be her apron. Glue apron to front of skirt.

Step 15: Take your apron and skirt pieces and glue to back of body.

Step 16: Take your 2" piece of  white ribbon and glue end to back at top of skirt.

Step 17: Wrap around body. Glue other end of white ribbon to back.

Step 18: Turn over. Done!


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Adeline Lee said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful! I’m actually having troubles looking for the best gift I would give to my youngest daughter, Joyce, for her upcoming 6th birthday. Now, I definitely have the greatest idea! I could make her a hair clip using this ribbon tutorial! She’s quite the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland. Thank you so much!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Adeline LeeSo glad you can use it!

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Where is Day 11?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so loving these and I'm going to make them for my niece for Christmas. I do have a question you never said anything about the arms. After reading the rest I'm thinking it's the 2 1/4 flesh ribbon you round the ends and spray. If I'm wrong let me know here is my email


Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousYes! You are right. I'll have to add it. Thanks for letting me know. I'm away from home right now but will update later. Thanks!

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