Day 11: Sleeping Beauty Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon Sculpture Pattern

August 30, 2012

Welcome to day ELEVEN of the Disney Inspired Ribbon Sculpture Patterns. During each day of the week (except weekends) I'll be posting the pattern of a Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon. Fun, huh?! Today we're doing Sleeping Beauty. Get all the tutorials for all the Disney Princesses as I post them in the link below:

Sleeping Beauty is pretty easy. One of the easiest in fact. If you're starting off I'd recommend doing her first. Plus, lots of kids like her best;)

Materials: Hot glue
no-fray spray (or hair spray)

Start out with these lengths of ribbon:
Flesh colored: 2¼ ", 3"
Yellow: 1", 2½ ", two pieces of 3½ ", three pieces of 4½ "
White: 2"
Darker Pink: 1½ ", five pieces of 4"
Light Pink:  " 

Step 1: Roll flesh colored 3" piece of ribbon into a circle and glue. This will be your head.

Step 2: Take your 1" piece of yellow ribbon and fold in half. Glue ends together.

Step 3: Glue yellow ribbon to top of head.

Step 4: Take the rest of your yellow ribbon and cut rounded ends. Spray with no fray spray.

Step 5. Take your 2½" piece of yellow ribbon and fold in the middle in an upsidedown V shape. Glue in place.

Step 6: Glue to back of head.

Step 7: Take your 3½" pieces of yellow and repeat step 5 but make the V shape more narrow.

Step 8: Take your 4½" pieces of yellow and repeat step 7 but make the V shape even narrower.

Step 9: Glue all the pieces to the back of her head with the wider pieces at the top and the narrower pieces at the bottom.

Step 10: Take your 2" piece of white ribbon and wrap around neck. Criss cross in front and glue in place.

Step 11: Take your dark pink 1½" piece of ribbon and glue to the front in the middle.

Step 12: Pull up hair. Wrap around to back and glue ends together.

Step 13: Take your 3" piece of flesh colored ribbon and cut the ends into a rounded shape. Spray with no fray spray. Pull up hair. Glue ribbon to back. These will be your arms.

Step 14: Take your 1½" pieces of light pink ribbon and fold in half. Glue ends together.

Step 15: Glue those pieces to back just under your dark pink piece.

Step 16: Take your five pieces of 4" dark pink ribbon and fold in half. Glue ends together.

Step 17: Glue the ends of those five pieces together in a fan shape.

Step 18: Glue that fan shape to back of body just behind light pink ribbon. Done!


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