PVC Pool Rack DIY

July 11, 2012

I think I've mentioned my little above ground Intex pool I bought for the kids before. I feel kinda silly talking about pool ideas seeing as mine is only a little over 3.5' deep and 15' wide but I have to upkeep and monitor it just like an inground pool. After we returned from the Catskills I was greeted by a brand new algae bloom on the bottom. 
The kids are just as wet when they get out as they would be if they swam in an inground pool and I still need places to store their massive pool toys. I saw this towel rack made out of PVC pipes and instantly liked the idea. Every time the kids get out they have to run to the house to find a towel because they forgot to bring one out with them. What makes it even worse is that we only have a side yard with the only access to the house on the sidewalk so the kids have to walk to the sidewalk then to the door. (BTW What a stupid way to build a house).

This would let us have towels readily available at all times. Plus, even if you let it out in the rain, if you position it in a sunny area, the towels will probably dry by the time you want to swim again. Get the instructions from etsy seller MintToast for $25.

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

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OrloSubito said... Best Blogger Tips

what a nice idea!!!!

Naomi said... Best Blogger Tips

You shouldn’t feel ‘silly’, a pool is a pool irrespective of what size it is, judging by the algae bloom you recently experienced. What I actually want to comment on, though, it the PVC towel rack you feature in your post. What a good idea! Did you know that PVC piping is a good medium for things like towel racks, not only because it’s light and easy to move around but because you’re actually being quite ‘green’ by using it. Yes, it’s a plastic – one of those materials that isn’t known for its biodegradability - but consider the following two points. Firstly, PVC is made from salt-derived chlorine and highly recyclable, and secondly, it’s a lot more energy-efficient to produce than, say iron or steel.

Naomi, webmaster for http://www.dpiplastics.co.za

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