Hack This: Portable High Chair DIY

July 9, 2012

You can purchase these here and they're totally cute but if you can't afford to I think you could also totally DIY this. Just sew a mat like the one in the pic with clips that attached to the arms of kids sports chairTo sew the mat just use an oil cloth material and bind edges in Fold Over Bias Tape. I bet velcro would also work to attach to arms. You could also ditch the velcro and sew a pocket for the arms to fit into. Also, if your child isn't old enough to not fall out of a chair I would definitely recommend sewing in a three point seat belt system. Here's a harness pattern if you need it. If anyone makes one of these let me know and I'll feature it. Note: Whomever decides to try to recreate this should use their own judgement in terms of safety. I haven't tried to make this. It's just an idea. Be wary of issues with tipping, etc. Probably better for older kids who still need a highchair. Not for an infant. In other words, if you wouldn't put your child in a child's size sports chair, this idea probably isn't for you. Although it looks like the one you can buy is made with a wider base. So if you like this for a younger child, check out the product's website.
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