Disney Inspired Ribbon Sculpture Patterns Day 1: Rapunzel

July 30, 2012

Welcome to DAY ONE of the Disney Inspired Ribbon Sculpture Patterns. During each day of the week (except weekends) I'll be posting the pattern of a Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon. Fun, huh?! Today we're starting out with Rapunzel. Get all the tutorials for all the Disney Princesses as I post them in the link below:

Rapunzel is a nice one to start off with because she's so much fun with the long curly hair and bright colors. So okay, let's go!
Hot glue
no-fray spray (or hair spray)

Start out with these lengths of ribbon:
Flesh colored: 3", 2¼ 
light purple: Two pieces of 2"
purple: 2", Five pieces of 4½ "
pink: ½ "
yellow: 2", and two pieces of ribbon wrapped around two pencils each equal 6" of twisted ribbon

Step 1: Roll 3" piece of flesh colored ribbon into a circle and glue. This will be your head.

Step 2. Cut 2¼ " piece at each end so that the tips are rounded. Spray with no fray spray.

Step 3: Glue 2" piece of purple to the back of your body.

Step 4: Wrap 2" piece of purple around front of body and then glue other end in back.

Step 5: Glue arms onto body's back. Then take a 2" piece of light purple and glue to back of one side of an arm.

Step 6: Wrap light purple around front of arm like you did in Step 4 and glue. Repeat with other 2" piece of light purple on other side of arm. This should be your completed body and sleeves.

Step 7: Glue one 4½ piece of purple ribbon inside the purple body.

Step 8: Glue other 4½ pieces on top of the previous piece, fanning each piece out.

Step 9: Turn body over and take each piece of long purple ribbon and glue to back. Start with the middle and work your way out.

Step 10: Make the curls. The picture below is the ribbons I used for the "Brave" ribbon sculpture but just follow the same steps with the yellow colored ribbon. Simply hot glue or tape one end of ribbon to a pencil or any other kind of long stick and wrap around then hot glue or tape other end to stick. For the Rapunzel hair I wrapped the yellow ribbon around the pencil so that the entire wrapped portion was 6" long. I repeated with another 6" on another pencil. Then put them in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes on 200 degrees. When done, take out of toaster oven and unwrap. The ribbon should be sufficiently curly.

Step 11: Take your ½ " of pink ribbon and make triangle cuts in the top, bottom and sides. Spray with no fray spray.

Step 12: Glue to front.

Step 13: Glue one end of the 2" piece of yellow ribbon to the top of the head.

Step 14: Roll back and glue so that you have a circle.

Step 15: Press down and glue in center.

Step 16: Cut 6" piece of curled ribbon in half and glue to back of head.

Step 17: Take other piece of 6" ribbon cut in half and glue to back of head on other side. Repeat for other 6" piece.

Step 18: Glue back of Rapunzel to the side of a headband. Voila! You're done. And your daughter has one cute ribbon Rapunzel to wear to school;)


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saras said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have a toaster oven....any ideas? Love the instructions....perfect gifts for my nieces!

KrissyVigs said... Best Blogger Tips

You can buy a fabric Stiffner in a craft store and spray the ribbon after you have curled it around the wooden pencils or dowels. It will probably have to dry for about 2-3 hours though!

Caryn S said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah no toaster oven here either, but I do have a Marvy Uchida heat gun that gets pretty darn hot pretty fast. I'm gonna try that and see if I can do it without melting my ribbon!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@sarasYou don't have to use a 'toaster' oven. Any old oven will do:)

Rachelb75 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, how wide is the grosgrain please? Thank you :)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips


Natalia said... Best Blogger Tips

My little cousin loves Rapunzel.
I think it's a good idea for her birthday!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What kind of headbands do you use?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you have a master shopping list to make ALL of the princess hairbands? I LOVE THEM. Great tutorials!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for posting the tutorials...my girls will LOVE these!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi I posted this on my face book page. We are going to disney for Halloween would love to be able to win these. Wish me luck. I'm going to he store tomm and buying materials. Super excited. Thank you for sharing. Not many people would. Again thank you.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I posted This on my Facebook page. super excited that you have tutorials . Im going to attempt to make these. We are actually going to Disney for Halloween. I'm going to actually attempt to make these, wish me luck hopefully I win them instead. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorials not many people would do that very kind of you

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