Inspiration Home: Camp Attic

June 16, 2012

Have a windowless short attic? Make into a divine year-round camp. Just attach large sheet from center of ceiling to top of wall then to bottom of wall. Separate spaces with a contrasting hued see through sheet attached from ceiling and wall. Tie back with strap. Repeat using a canvas. Light the room with warm hued, floor placed lamps. Use low furniture like platform beds.

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Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your site, but I am thinking I no longer want to subscribe because of the annoying automatic videos on the side of your page for the last few weeks. I really think you should remove them, or at least make it so you need to press play to hear them, as they are taking up my bandwidth and scaring the shit out of me in my quite room

Sandra said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree completely to Elizabeth! Please do something and post another hairstyle, I am desperately waitning for more!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@ElizabethI am so sorry, I am currently trying to figure out how to control the volume automatically. Trying to enlist a web developers help.

TheHumofDelicious said... Best Blogger Tips

I had to in South Louisiana this "year-round" camp would be habitable about six weeks a year! Our attic is a broiler the rest of the time, and we have amazing high (15') ceilings and about 1500 square feet for the air to move about in. The few "windowless" attics I've been in down here would cause a stroke in a matter of minutes! It's GREAT to remember that there are other parts of the world where attics are cool and eggs don't fry on sidewalks most days of the year! :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I keep seeing this on pinterest and I don't quite get why it has to do with an attic. Behind the couch it looks like it's open to the outdoors. This looks more like a luxury camping resort. As for implementing something similar in an attic, all I can think about is the dust.

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