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May 3, 2012

Lily and I were watching Matilda this weekend. In the movie Matilda is described as having a 'personal style'. Lily must have liked it because later that day we went to the fabric store to buy some ribbon for a project I'm working on and while we were there she asked if I could get her some ribbon for her hair like Matilda. I thought this was funny. 

Does anyone have a child who has a special accessory that they like to wear that gives them a 'personal style'?
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Marianne Elixir said... Best Blogger Tips

One of my boys loves to wear a tie clipped onto a teeshirt. Sometimes two. Another wears suspenders (more a necessity than anything else). My daughter went through a phase of insisting on wearing a helmet all the time - even to church. This makes me wonder what our newest babe will do to make her own fashion statement when the time comes.

Mandy Beyeler said... Best Blogger Tips

we love that movie!

Olivia said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so funny. When I was little I LOVED that movie! and I too rocked the ribbon à la Matilda after watching it! hehe

xx Olivia

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

My 4 year old daughter doesn't have any particular favorite accessory, but I swear this girl has a knack for putting together some great looking outfits. She also knows what looks good on me so anytime I need to buy some clothes she always comes with me and gives me her opinions.

When I sit down to sew something I will show her the pattern and she will tell me if I need to make adjustments to the patterns (different neckline, different sleeves) and not just the different views in the pattern...

She is always REALLY serious about fashion and what she wears...and what her mommy and daddy wear also.

I don't know where she gets it from, I was always a tomboy and my husband could care less about what anyone wears.

Erin said... Best Blogger Tips

My little guy doesn't have one particular accessory, but he definitely puts together some awesome outfits. His recent favorite thing is to wear the NEON green fleece duster coat I made for his Dopey the Dwarf Halloween costume as his spring jacket. ...add in a pair of cartoon bug covered wellies and a pair of sunglasses and he is one hilariously styling 2 year old.

PuppyLovePrincess said... Best Blogger Tips

i teach preschool and we had a little boy who wore a batman cape and mask to school everyday. until one day it got really hot outside and he realized that he couldn't drink from the drinking fountain very well with the mask on. after that, he never wore the mask (or cape!) but it was fun while he did :)

Freya Lily said... Best Blogger Tips

When I was little, I hated wearing clothes. Instead, I loved carrying around either a very old copy of Moby Dick just because it looked like the book Belle has in Beauty and the Beast. Or I loved to carry around the wire chicken that doubled as an egg basket...I have no idea why ahha

Make It Happen Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

I work in special ed, so let's just say I know quite a few kids with unique personal styles! My favorite is the kiddo in Kindergarten who wore his rubber boots to school every single day of the year, including when it was 103 F outside! Gotta love the combination of Autism Spectrum Disorders & Texas weather ;-)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter, who is 2.5, doesn't have a special accessory, but she loves boots. She wears boots any time I let her, even with pajamas.

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