Drop Ceiling Dilemma

May 11, 2012

Brian always says I use the word "hate" too liberally. But make no mistake when I say I hate, hate, hate our drop ceilings. I mean it. We have them in our bathroom, kitchen and nursery. NURSERY?! What clashes most baby decor? Drop ceilings, that's what.

When we first moved in our home, I was busy getting together everything else that I didn't have time to do much of anything with the ceiling tiles in the nursery. Sure, they bothered me but what could I do. Now that the girls are out of the nursery and Henri will be taking over I'm thinking about redoing the color scheme and again the TILES are bothering me. There's not a lot I can do. We don't own the house or plan on living in it forever so I don't want to invest much of any money into a project.

I've been looking into ways to improve the look of ceiling tiles but there's not a lot out there that either doesn't cost a lot of money or looks good. Once I tried using adhesive vinyl planks on the foam tiles but they were too heavy and fell off. Then I saw the photo above and thought, contact paper! Wood grain contact paper might work. The above photo was made by The Curiosity Shoppe using walnut and honey oak contact paper of varying widths. Get the tutorial at Apartment Therapy. Would this be a great idea for a ceiling? You could even blend the metal grid into the look I think.

Here are some other great wood grain contact paper ideas!
Wouldn't this be interesting on a ceiling? You could even cut the shapes on a Silhouette machine.
This could be done by first covering with the contact paper then painting over top.
Here are some interesting contact papers.
Design Your Wall

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lislynn said... Best Blogger Tips

If ONLY there were some great way to deal with a drop ceiling in a kitchen-- no ceiling tiles, just that awful industrial-type lighting situation-- florescent bulbs behind that bumpy plastic tile/cover. *shudder*

pcb said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel your pain and hate to add to it, but in my experience, gravity wins over contact paper EVERY time. ;(

Allyson said... Best Blogger Tips

I wonder if you could wallpaper over them?

Emily G. said... Best Blogger Tips

maybe you could do a fabric ceiling and use the tiles and the grid to hold the fabric up?

Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I've been wondering this myself. Thankfully we have just removed the awful drop down ceiling in the kitchen, but we still have small square ceiling tiles in all the bedrooms (and I just dislike them so much!!!). I'll be keeping an eye out to see what you come up with!

indywriter said... Best Blogger Tips

Back when Trading Spaces and While You Were Out were still on the air, they redid a room with a drop ceiling. They replaced the regular foamish tiles with thin sheets of luan. They stained them, but they could be painted too.

Kris said... Best Blogger Tips

We got some nice-looking ceiling tiles for our basement from Ceilume http://www.ceilume.com/index.cfm

We went with sand-colored tiles in a simple pattern (and got matching tape to cover the metal grid) but if you look through their gallery you can get lots of different ideas for colors, patterns, etc.

I found another website that offered ceiling tiles that looked like granite. Seriously? Who would want to feel like stone was suspended over their heads?

365 Dresses said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the contact paper---or the adhesive vinyl made for sign makers---ideas. If it will stay on my car through the car wash, I'd think it would stay on the ceiling. I'm also planning to make my Pergo floor look like parquet with vinyl. The fabric idea has great merit, too. Especially in a nursery!

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