Silhouette Sketch Pen Package, Homemade Birthday Invites & IDEAS!

April 24, 2012

Silhouette is offering Grosgrain readers a great sketch pen/Cameo deal! Now, get 1 $25 download card, 1 Silhouette Metallic Sketch Pen Pack and 1 Silhouette Glitter Sketch Pen Pack for only $269! That's an MSRP of $344.97 (almost $75 of savings!) Hurry sale ends April 30th!

And if you already have a Cameo you can get the sketch pen pack for a low $6.99
See my latest sketch pen project below!
Molly has made so many new friends in school and it just delights me to watch her play with them after school. Before pre-school she spent most of her days cooped up inside the house. With all her new found friends she's talking about her birthday party almost daily although her actual birthday is still two months away.

So to appease her excitement I decided to make birthday cards for her upcoming two months;) For these invites I used my new Silhouette sketch pens. I have to admit, at first I didn't use the sketch pens much at all. But I've been looking at invitations lately and the sketch pens are really actually kind of great for that non-printer look.

If you combined the sketch pen with an embossing tool you could make your own wedding invitations! I'd love to try my hand at that sometime.

So to make these invites I first cut a mitered rectangle shape out of cardstock. I just used the cardstock I had around the house but if I were to have my pick of papers I would have chosen something with a little more texture.

Then I used the Silhouette software and my own computer fonts and designed a card. I used an image of a chevron to trace. I then used the sketch pens to draw the image onto the cardstock. At first my pens did not show up well on the cardstock but I increased the thickness and slowed down the speed settings and everything worked well. Super cute.

Again, I wish I had deep black paper on hand. I might have tried using the white sketch pen on the black. It could have a 'chalkboard' feel. You could even use a chalkboard font to make it extra special.

Here's some ideas and inspiration for invitations that might work well with the Silhouette sketch pens.

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried to use the sketch pen on some recent invitations I made for my daughter's birthday party. The problem I ran into was that some of the script font wouldn't sketch. I ended up having to throw them all away. I also found that the sketch pens run out of ink after just a few uses. Do you have any advice to get more life out of them? Or for an off brand pen we can use in the sihouette machine?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Holy CraftI sent you a detailed email with my thoughts about that.

Ryan and Tessa Taylor said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable. How did you get your text to be filled in? All of my fonts show up as "bubble letters" or just the outline of the letters when I use my Silhouette Cameo. Other than the 2 sketch fonts in the Silhouette store, I've had no luck. Suggestions?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@Ryan and Tessa TaylorHmmm, well, my font was very thin. If I used a thicker font I think it would also outline the letter and not fill it in. Honestly, the pens are not saturated enough to "fill in" a heavy weight font. Is that what you meant?

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