Magic Wallet in Pretty Fabrics DIY

April 21, 2012

I'm always looking for cute wallets. I saw these magic wallets at J.Crew two Christmases ago and nearly bought one but it was so close to Christmas I thought I'd drop some hints to family and have someone else use it as their gift to me. I guess I didn't drop them hard enough because by the time Christmas was over I was magic walletless. But what hurt even more was that J.Crew was no longer selling them! Boo! I guess what I liked the thinness of the magic wallet but unlike the infomercials these were PRETTY!

Then I saw this wallet tutorial below and it got me thinking about those magic wallets again. These aren't magic wallets but I love the fabric used. Someone should come along and make some cute magic wallets. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Or better yet I should make my own in many different patterns.

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Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

My grandmother used to make these out of plastic canvas, yarn, and ribbons...

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

My great grandma used to make these with plastic canvas, yarn & ribbon also! We all thought they were so much fun.

VickiT said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw a tutorial for these a few years ago and wanted to make some as gifts but never got around to doing them. It may or may not have been my old lady brain that was at fault for not remembering. ha

Anyway, Robin's Quilts has a great tutorial with a great pdf to download and also a really good video. They can all be found on her site She has some other really cute stuff too. (I do not know her at all. I just thought some may need to see her video as it helped me to understand them more)

alicia said... Best Blogger Tips

Hiya, I saw these at DSW ... near the wallets, clutches section. It was by their main brand Kelly & Katie(?). They were striped.
It was under $10.

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