Scotts® Snap® Spreader System Review and Giveaway!

March 22, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For almost five years now we've lived with a major disappointment of a yard.  Our neighbors can afford to invest in things like professional landscapers and snow removal. I won't lie. I'm jealous. Long story short, they put our yard to shame.

In other words, for the past five years now I've watched their perfectly manicured lawns look green and lush all summer long while ours turned brown, patchy and poked our bare feet with its sharp weeds. Ouch!

This year will finally be different, I'll be using the new Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. So our yard won't look so disheveled standing next to the well manicured plots. This year, I'm going to walk barefoot without worrying about having to pick burrs out of my feet. This year, the kids won't be mistaking the yard for the sandbox. It's going to be so awesome! I can hardly wait.

I'll be saying goodbye to this....

And hello to this....

Now, I've used spreader systems before. There were downsides. Filling the spreader container, then emptying the remnants and pouring them back into the bag was a pain. And it caused me fertilize the lawn less. But the new Snap Pac connects directly to the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. There's no cutting, no opening and no pouring from heavy bags – no spilling or waste! 
The system auto-sets the proper flow rate. No Spreader settings required! It also has a unique EdgeGuard feature that keeps product where you want it…. on the lawn! When you’re done, the Snap Pac self-seals upon removal making it easy to store – No more half empty bags on the garage floor. 

Go to and check out their Snap-pac seasonal plans. Just type in your zip code and get recommendations about when to seed and which snap-pac bags to use.
To see what I'm describing you can take a look at the video below.
If YOU'D like to try the new Scotts® Snap® Spreader System, Scott's is giving away one spreader to a lucky reader. With the bag included it's a $75 value!

To enter just "like" Snap Perks on Facebook then leave a comment telling me so and why you need a Scotts® Snap® Spreader System.
Contest ends 4/30/12. contest rules
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20 {comments}:

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, at first I thought, how did they get a picture of our backyard? ha!
Weeds, clumps, burrs, bare spots.
Very little plain old pretty green grass! That's why we would love to have a Scotts Snap Spreader System!
I also 'like' the snap perks on facebook too!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I live in a wooded area of Northern Idaho. I could really use the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System because I would love the area around the house (about an acre or so) to be grass and luscious. From late spring until winter it's green-ish, but usually from a mix of weeds (including burrs) and grass, although right now it's all covered with about three feet of snow (seven inches from just last night/this morning)!

I would love to win this even if is just for the hope of a green spring and summer grass.

Thanks for the chance to win. I liked their page on Facebook too!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

WE have a pretty nice lawn, but this year we are taking out some vegetable gardens that were too much work, and we are going to have to get the grass to grow over those areas. Id love to have this to help with the process!


Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

This would be so helpful. Our yard is huge and was not in good shape when we bought our house. This would definitely help us whip it in shape!
Liked Scotts Snap Perks on Facebook.

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

That first picture could've been of my yard! I liked them on fb and would love to win!

Katie R said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked, our yard (new as of last may) needs help! I am much more able at indoor fixes and need some help on our yard!

haller.emilyl said... Best Blogger Tips

We just got married last fall, and it's taken all winter to get our first little house in order on the inside. But it's had almost no TLC on the outside. We could definitely use this system!

Kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

We are DIY gardeners and can use all the help we can get! I liked Snap on FB.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Why do I need this? Well since my husband passed away I've let the yard go. I told myself this year I was going to bring it back to the level of care he had given it...this would help me with that goal SO much.

I like Scott on facebook

Hayley said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked them on fb. I could really use this for all those bare spots in the yard! Thanks for the opportunity!

Our Family said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked the on FB. I could really use this since we (my hubs) takes such pride on the lawn, the front lawn. While he is tending to the front I could be giving some much needed TLC to our back yard.


Heidi V said... Best Blogger Tips

Our yard looks very similar to yours and it makes my husband and I so sad. We would love to have nice green grass to play in with our two little boys. We'll definitely have to take a look at this Snap Spreader System and of course it would be even better to win it!! I like them on FB!

Ali said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh thanks for the giveaway! Our house was built in the 60's and what I am sure used to be small trees are now giant trees, so our dirt is nutrient poor, really shady, and I've reseeded some of the areas which works well except...I don't fertilize or feed it, and so it usually dies at the end of the year...cough :(

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

Our lawn is in SAD shape. We could sure use this.

GoodnessGraces said... Best Blogger Tips

We have weeds thanks to our neighbors lack of lawn care and have a few bald spots that need reseeding. This would be a great way to fix both.

Klemm Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Liked them (Stephanie Klemm)
I'd love to have this for our yard. My husband has had a rough time getting it to grow evenly, etc.
skklemm at gmail dot com

lymie11 said... Best Blogger Tips

If I could sell chickweed, dandelions, and clover I'd be a billionaire!

Di said... Best Blogger Tips

Liked on FB (as Diane Sallans).
This system looks like something even I could use to get my lawn in better shape - I've got bare spots & strange weeding things growing - would like some nice grass!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Melodious said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked the page on Facebook as Melody Rice. I've been mowing the yard with a rotary mower for over a year, since the gas-powered mower stopped working and I haven't been able to afford repairs. Here in the South, the grass (and weeds) grow quickly and it's all I can do to keep the grass mowed, much less keep the weeds at bay. My poor neighbors would be ever so grateful if my yard was in better shape, and I would be happier, as well. The Scott Snap System looks like it would be an easy way to make this happen!

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow could I use this! We are in our first home and my husband works abt. 75 hours a week, so it has fallen on me to care for our yard and I haven't got a clue! I've been tempted by this system at the hardware store a few times, but was wondering if it's worth the money. I'd sure like to try it out! (I liked them on facebook!)

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