Reverse Glass Painting

March 4, 2012

Can I just interject for a moment? Glass painted on the inside looks so much nicer than the outside. I just bought these lamps at Lowe's which have glass painted on the inside. It gives a much glossier look. Check out these bottles below. Good DIY project. Here's a how to!

Ikea has glass lamps in various sizes starting at $14.99 you could revamp yourself!

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LovelyMint said... Best Blogger Tips

what a funky lampshade on that ikea lamp! i'm not completely sure how i feel about it hahaha :)

i like your lamp at the top, though! it looks so similar to a vintage lamp i inherited when i moved into an old house that still had the landlord's belongings in it. my hand-me-down lamp is like 3 feet tall though! it's a little awkward haha

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