Hair Dye for Kids

March 2, 2012

My seven year old has been asking to dye her hair blonde to which we've been saying a definitive NO. Now, I'm not against hair dying even during mid to late teen years and I have thought about maybe letting her dye one streak of temporary color in her hair for fun, something that would wash out in one or two weeks. But it is giving me some pause.

Here's a good article about hair dying for kids.    Here's another with a tutorial.

And if your kids have blonde hair you can even use simple Kool Aid treatment.

If you're afraid of chemicals no matter how natural they claim to be, another option is to try a glued in extension. Recently Lily went to a kid themed beauty salon and they clipped a very discreet zebra blue extension in the side of her hair which she loves and is protective over every time I brush her hair before school.

So how do you feel about temporary hair dying for kids?

What about something like this? I might try this for myself! It wasn't dyed but instead made with soft pastel chalk! Seriously! Get the How-to at The Beauty Department.

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Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said... Best Blogger Tips

I wanted red hair like Ariel the little mermiad when I was a kid but sadly, had to wait till I was about 12 to dye my hair. I think it's really good to let kids experiment with their personal style and if they want crazy hair for a few days over summer vacation, the extensions or wash-out dye is a fab idea! My 2 1/2 year old has some halloween wigs that she loves to play dress-up with too!

indywriter said... Best Blogger Tips

You do have to be careful with school-aged kids. Some schools consider unnatural hair colors to be a distraction and therefore forbidden as a dress code infraction. And if your child has very light blond hair it can be really hard to get even temporary dye and Kool Aid completely out.

Our school doesn't like loud colors, but they haven't said anything about the featherlocks and such. My girls have also worn clip in strands of wildly colored synthetic hair. Those are my favorite as they seem to do less damage to the hair.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

DO NOT dye with temp dye unless you're prepared for the possibility that it might never come out. depending on the composition of your hair color, certain colors will wash right out and certain colors with hold on for ever and ever and ever. i dye my blonde hair often (my mom always said "hair is temporary, tattoos and piercings are forever") and i know that blues/greens even "permanent" tend to wash out of my hair quickly, red tones including pink and the red in purple with stay for ever after. i used a purple "demi" dye once which was rated for about 6-8 washes. the blue portion of it washed out after a couple of weeks and i was left with pink until it GREW OUT. i didn't care much until about 6 months later when i was getting ready for university grad pics. i had bleached with some serious volume and no luck. then i dyed over with a medium auburn brown and thought not really noticeable, you could still see where it was pink underneath!!! now i just assume everything is "permanent" and will need to grow out before i can be sure it will be gone.

Suzie said... Best Blogger Tips

THey have glue in (like you used), clip in extensions, chalk, and even mascara tube like colorant for hair. Color Rub is easy to put in but won't work on darker hair quote as well as a clip in or glue in extension, but it washes out pretty well. I have semi-perm wild colors in mine and my daughter (who is three) really wants to do her hair. I tell her that she's too young, but on crazy hair day we sprayed her hair right along with her brothers' hair and all went well. Best of luck!

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