Dirty Hair Month

March 26, 2012

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All hair tutorials take five minutes or less to do. 
Great when you have greasy hair but have to get out of the door fast!

For an entire two weeks I won't be washing my hair! I promise it doesn't sound as gross as it seems. First off, I usually wait one week between washings. My hair is very coarse and dry and does not get greasy until about a week, sometimes longer. 

Yesterday I had a birthday party to attend and didn't have time to wash my hair so instead I did a quick updo in less than 5 minutes that looked both polished and put together all at once. It got me thinking about how often I'm trying to think of new ways to do quick updos when my hair is not at its fluffiest. There are some pretty basic styles out there some you may know of, some you may not, that can get you by when you don't have an hour or more to wash and style.

Starting April 1st, (in addition to my other daily posts) I'll post a new dirty hair updo each day that takes 5 minutes or less with a video tutorial. I won't wash my hair for two weeks, then I'll wash it and go for another two weeks.

Looking forward to it!

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kitty crafter said... Best Blogger Tips

I really ook forard to these hair posts! I too try not to wash my hair every day but I can only get by with 3 days at the most. I'm always trying to think of ideas on how to put my hair up, so I'm very excited about your ideas. Hope you have some ideas for middle-length hair in there too! :)

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love! My hair is very similar to your plus, I dye it red. To maintain the color and keep it from getting too dry, I usually go 1-2 weeks between hairwashings. I look forward to this :)

Jaime said... Best Blogger Tips

I WISH I could go that long between washings! My hair looks greasy the end fo the second day if I don't wash. Plus, I exercise hard six days a week to where my hair is actually dripping with sweat so I have to wash it. It's so much work to do it every day. I envy girls who don't have to. I do look forward to seeing some cute up-dos though because I love to put my hair up.

Allie said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome! I also go a week or week and a half without washing my hair. My hair usually looks it's best when it's dirty. I'm looking forward to your tutorials (:

MommaWard said... Best Blogger Tips

Yippee! I try to wait as long as possible with my dry coarse hair too. Can't wait to try out the new do's you'll share!

SofiAlgarvia said... Best Blogger Tips

You are a lucky girl, I have to wash mine everyother day! Since I live in portugal and our weather is wet and warm, my hair gets greasy in just two days... I want to see your quick updo :)

injanuity said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking to forward to your posts - I wash my hair once a week (and still work out 6 days a week) - so I'd love to see your ideas for dirty hair days!

Keepin' Up With The Jones said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm excited for some new hairstyles! Wish I could go a week, but three days is my max and then my hair looks like a frying pan!

Allison Roush said... Best Blogger Tips

I have known others who have hair similar to yours that go a whole month without washing their hair. Instead they massage their head every other day while in the shower, hence getting the grime out and moving the oils over more of the hair to make it healthier. They have had a lot of success and were originally turned on to this method from a dermatologist. I personally have fine, straight hair and have adapted my system to washing every week and a half or so, massaging in between and using light amounts of baby powder at night when it is getting oilier than normal. Seems to work well and have not had comments about my hair looking bad.

Dana Bilich said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I have similar hair, so I'm excited to see what you'll do.

LGreenWriter said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...this makes me wish I had drier, coarser hair! I have to wash mine every other day, and it feels a little yuck if I don't on days I do cardio. Oh, well. My daughter is a stylist and will find these daily dirty updo posts very interesting. : )

JennaHabes said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so excited! I wash twice a week and I've been looking for inspiration all over the internet.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking forward to the 'do's'! Aw two weeks is nothin, has some harrowing surgery a few years back went 7 weeks with out a shampoo. My husband proclaimed my hair as 'homeless hair'. Ha! These days I go 4 to 5 days, a few days it is pulled up.
Can you braid your own hair? I sure can't.

Meg said... Best Blogger Tips

I can only dream about washing my hair every week. I have to wash everyday! I have fine hair and it sometimes does not last for the evenings if going out and I have to do a second wash before heading out!

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! I'm excited for this. I've been building up my hair's dirty tolerance for a while now- currently I'm at twice weekly washings, and would love to go down to once a week. Some cute updo inspiration will be perfect.

Simone said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so brave! I can't wait to see this I'll be starting the dreaded school run from september and am looking for quick fixes to keep me looking presentable.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Years ago I used to have to wash my hair every day, but a friend of mine said that if I could stand to not wash it for 3 weeks, then my natural oils might have a chance to balance themselves out (sounded like rubbish at the time, but some days my hair was lank and greasy by late afternoon so I was getting a bit desperate).

Now I can go for any time between 5-10 days without washing and it doesn't look too bad (depends what products I used. Certain mousses actually seem to keep my hair looking cleaner for longer!)

I would love the style advice as your hair always looks amazing in the fabulous photos you take, but I had all my hair cut to a fairly short messy bob at the end of last year and now it only just fits into a ponytail for exercise!
I do miss my long hair but I never really did much with it as there was waaay too much (I blocked up the hairdressers sink once and had to be moved to another one to get rinsed!) so it was always just scraped back.

I'll have to try out all the style ideas on my niece as her gorgeous golden hair has just recently shot out at an amazing rate!!

Bergen said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I wash my hair about once a week so your goal is exciting. Looking forward to getting ideas from you.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who goes so long (a weekish) between hair washings! My hair is extremely course and dry - and seriously naturally curly, so I choose not to deal with it if I don't have to. Can't wait to see all the upcoming posts! I usually give in and wind up washing my hair because sometimes I just feel 'dirty', but having something to do with it will probably help that!

Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Since I started using baking soda to wash my hair and vinegar for conditioner, I can go realllly long times without washing. :)
Looking forward to seeing your dos!

Leah France said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, please do continue posting new five minute dirty hair hairstyles! This exhausted Mom, in particular, would be forever grateful if you did! I have already tried out one of them successfully! :o) I am so rubbish at coming up with new hair ideas -- you are a much needed inspiration (and a wonderful teacher)!

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