All That Glitters is "Platinum"

March 23, 2012

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Brian and I have been shopping for wedding bands. I like the simple non-embellished sort and I'm looking for a platinum band to match my engagement ring.

For the first time in recent history, the price of gold per ounce has risen higher than that of platinum. Meaning platinum rings are now more attainable than ever before (Please note, this does not mean the retail price of plaitnum is less than gold, just that platinum's premium is less, and because it is a denser and more pure metal than gold, it is a better value for its cost )precious platinum 

I remember how excited I was to camera phone my engagement ring to all my friends and every time I look down at my hand it still makes me smile. It seems to match everything I wear and somehow always looks shiny.
Platinum is a naturally white metal, meaning it will never fade or change color, or need to be dipped or re-plated. In contrast, white gold is created by adding an alloy mix to pure yellow gold that removes its yellow color and creates a white look. White gold jewelry needs to be re-dipped about once or twice each year to retain its white color. Platinum loses little metal to scratching or everyday wear; instead the metal is simply displaced on the ring’s surface, causing the ring surface to strengthen through work hardening. This means the band increases its strength and your groom has a ring that will last forever (when gold is scratched, slivers of metal are lost and eventually the ring might need to be re-shanked, and prongs or re-tipped to avoid breakage).

The groom's band always plays second fiddle to the bride's engagement ring but it IS also a symbol of love commitment, and must therefore stand the test of time. When we finally do purchase our bands we'll be choosing platinum.

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Mrs. Biscuit said... Best Blogger Tips

So shiny! I didn't realize that platinum stayed whiter so much better than gold. My rings are gold and I couldn't imagine taking them off to get them re-plated or dipped or whatever... The hubby and I have decided not to remove our wedding bands for any reason other than medical emergencies... So, yeah, re-plating doesn't make me too thrilled. I guess we should have done more research! Oops!

Did you choose the bands in the first picture? I like how clean, simple and shiny they are! =)

<3 <3 <3

Brooke Cassell said... Best Blogger Tips

Platinum is SO lovely, but there is one aspect that I wasn't prepared for when I forked over the $$ for platinum... it scratches. In fact, within a few days of putting my $7,000 ring on my student-loan-and-wedding-indebted finger, it had scratches on the palm side. I took it back to the jeweler, who had custom-made the ring, and he explained that while platinum is hard and doesn't wear down like gold, its molecular structure is prone to scratching. Because the metal is so hard you also cannot simply have it polished to take out the scratches. You have to have it "misted" to fill in the scratches.I had this done once, and it wasn't too expensive... around $100, but that was only 3 years after my wedding and it scratched right back up again.

But I have to say that I didn't regret my choice in platinum because it won't wear down over time and the top stayed perfectly shiny. But I think it should be known *prior to purchase* that platinum will scratch - jewelers don't always want to disclose this upfront.

cathgrace said... Best Blogger Tips

I should not be allowed to have nice things (because I beat the snot out of my stuff!) I had a white gold wedding ring for years, and I was always caulking, or painting while wearing it (It never yellowed though, and I never had it plated) but I definitely wore a thin spot in the bottom. After 12 years of marriage my husband got me a platinum and diamond eternity ring from Tiffany's and I have been so happy with it! I have gotten tiny little scratches in the sides, but you don't notice them and they don't diminish the shine at all. We have made plans to take my original engagement ring back to the jewelers now, and get the diamond set in platinum we like it so much.

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