LP Wedding Invitiations

February 12, 2012

OMGosh. I seriously love this idea.
This invite is NOT a real record. BUT, wouldn't it be great if it were? 
You could make the custom sleeve and label and the 45 LP you would have a couple songs that both of you love. 
Here's a service that does that. Although, I don't know what the costs would be. Their website says "As low as $2.50 each with front and side label".
Although, since no one really owns record players anymore I don't know how many people would actually get to hear your songs:(
But I just bought this one for Brian for Valentine's. So maybe they're making a comeback.

This idea is in the same category as this wedding invite idea which I also love!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

My in-laws just got an anniversary party invitation like this. SO clever and fun. They do have an old record player so we tried it out and yes--there was music! My girls are now I love with records :)

Sue Niven said... Best Blogger Tips

So very very lovely.

mandi said... Best Blogger Tips

My cousin used real 45s for her 'save the date' cards. They put a picture of themselves on it with all of the info. So cute and very reflective of them as they are both amazing musicians.

Liz- Image3D said... Best Blogger Tips

I can see it now...record invites & custom viewmaster favors....now that is an awesome wedding!

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