Free Grosgrain Template: Scratch Off Class Valentine

February 10, 2012

So, the video I posted yesterday got me all excited about trying to do this for Lily and Molly's class Valentines.
 I wanted to incorporate the "scratch off" theme so I wrote a little poem:
Someone thinks you're as sweet as tarts
Would you like a tiny clue?
Scratch off the silver heart....
To see exactly who!
I followed the video's instructions but I had issues with the scratch off paint. Since I did this the night before and was pressed for time I didn't get to try some samples before I used the paint on the photo.
The result was sketchy. The paint only came off in certain areas. I would recommend trying samples and using more dish soap than the video recommends. The only problem is that it takes an hour to dry so do this well in advance or you'll end up with cards that don't scratch off very well.
What I really thought was neat about this Valentine is that the coin used to "scratch off" the paint is ALSO chocolate. Yum!
Once the paint is scratched off, your recipient will be able to see who the Valentine is from!
If you liked this Valentine and want to make them for your own kids use the JPGs patterns of this project below!
Back of Card JPG
I might also recommend taking your finished template to Staples or Office Max and have them print the photos on double sided photo paper. It might be as much as the cost of your photo paper and ink usage.

1. To make the card I printed the front image on a piece of 6x4 photo paper.
2. Then I added Lily and Molly's photo in Photoshop to the template. 
Make your child's photo to fit the 4"x3" heart shape. Drag the photo to the heart template and position it over the heart. Hide the photo layer in the layers palette. Go to the heart template layer. Select the white inside the heart by using the selection tool with a tolerance setting of 50. Click back on the photo layer and unhide it (be sure not to deselect the heart shape). Go to Select>Inverse. Then hit delete. Done! 
If you don't have Photoshop, don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just add your photo in the middle of the template's heart in any photo editing program. 
If you don't know how to add an image to a JPG file just print out a picture separately and glue in the heart.
3. Then I printed the back image on another piece of 6x4 photo paper.
4. Then mix your paint with dish soap via this video and paint over your child's photo. Let dry. About one hour. If you need to, add a second coat but be sure you can still scratch it off easily.
5. And finally I glued the front and back photo papers together with Zig Glue. But rubber cement would work great too!
6. Then I added the chocolate gold coin with simple scotch tape on the back.

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Abby said... Best Blogger Tips

I made some scratch off cards for Valentines Day for my kids and husband using the template and instructions from Better Homes and Garden Magazine's website. I made the soap and dishwasher mixture the same as you have here, but they had me paint it onto clear contact paper. Then I cut the contact paper out into hearts and stuck the hearts over the messages I made that they can "win." I tested out scratching off of the contact paper and it worked really well. That may be something you would want to try next time.

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