Glitter Hot Pants

January 1, 2012

Call me crazy but I kind of like these. Hopefully I'll get my pre-baby legs back to wear them next New Year's.

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LGreenWriter said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwww, that's right, the new baby will be arriving soon! It'll be so fun to see pix. Also, the Glitter Hot Pants would be a snap to make, right? Definitely a great motivator.

Not that you asked, but here are a couple quick tips for leg moves - squats are super-effective, as are a move I will henceforth be calling Hot Pants Cross-Overs...put on some light ankle weights, and then, imagine that you're standing in the middle of a clock and draw your right leg forward diagonally, pointing at the imaginary 11, then draw it back to point at the 5. Do 10 reps. Repeat with the left leg (only now w/numbers 1 and 7). If you do sets of these regularly, your legs (and glutes!) will be SO toned, you'll be amazed. Happy New Year. : )

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha, these are awesome!! :)

Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

I kind of like them. They sure are sparkly! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I was in a sequin mini two days after giving birth 4wks back. I didn't leave the house, I just needed some sparkle in my life. All hail the glitter hot pants!

Jessica Deering said... Best Blogger Tips

Rock 'em if you've got the legs for 'em, crazy or not. :)

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