Advent Calendar: Day 5

December 7, 2011

Lily and Molly LOVE Angry Birds. Lily actually does pretty well with it. At the wedding Lily discovered by playing other people's phones that there are multiple versions and has now spent the past few days enjoying Angry Birds "Rio" and Angry Birds "Seasons". So for Day 5 I made two barrettes out of pompoms representing all the original Angry Birds and they really got a kick out of it!
This would also work with wool felted balls or homemade pompoms. In fact, if you made homemade felted balls or homemade pompoms you could add in other colors for the belly rather than gluing on felt.
I think I would have preferred to use felted wool or homemade pompoms but I didn't have the right colors on hand. The pompoms were available at the dollar store. All I did was cut them down to the corresponding size or in the case of the yellow bird, I cut his sides in a pyramid shape.
Lily really loved hers but she didn't want to wear it to school. Apparently, only "boys" like Angry Birds;)
But Molly happily wore hers to preschool.
I should make the pigs next!

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MARIA said... Best Blogger Tips

so funny!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool & funny :)

yangel said... Best Blogger Tips

yea i want to see pigs there! =P

Veronica said... Best Blogger Tips

I love angry birds, so these are adorable! xoxo

LivingInSong said... Best Blogger Tips

After seeing this I KNEW I had to try these out with two little girls I babysit(4 and 5 year old's who absolutely adore Angry Birds). I brought over the stuff tonight and we had a blast making them(though I wouldn't let them play with the hot glue gun, haha!). Thank you so much for the wonderful idea!

P.S.- I only did a few things differently: I used googly eyes(because I thought they would be more fun), we used a bit of white or brown felt for the tummies of the birds, and the girls have really short hair, so we used smaller clips.

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for this! We made some for dd for a Sunday Advent gift. I posted about it on my blog and referenced the inspiration :)

Thanks again!

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