Tutorials: Hanger Covers

November 5, 2011

This would even make a great gift for someone who laments their less-than-attractive closet. AND helps to keep those pesky wires from tangling (reason I got rid of all of mine). 
Could even make with plastic hangers. I could so see this Amy Butler print looking amazing with white plastic.

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Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

My great grandma crocheted some hanger covers for me one Christmas, they are great for sweaters. I like these ones, minus the wire hangers.

Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks ever so much for your lovely blog I have you in my reader and love having a coffee to your creative porn every morning. I know it is the wrong season for you but today we launch an online store here in Australia handmaking some special little girls clothes that I would be honoured if you had a look at in a spare minute that I am sure you dont get that often! thanks again for Grograin!
Steph H

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