Silhouette Advent Tree Calendar

November 29, 2011

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon and evening finishing up a project I had been planning for the kids next month. A little while back Lily had shown a surprising lack of knowledge when it came to the origins of Christmas. So I thought making an advent calendar to mark down the holiday and include little Christmas related facts along with a piece of chocolate and a little homemade gift might excite them. I didn't know exactly how I was going to make the calendar just that I would do it myself.
So after perusing a few ideas on the internet I decided to do advent boxes that were hung in the tree with corresponding numbers on the front AND I used my new Silhouette to get me there! Like I said, the new Silhouette has a much wider 12" cutting area opposed to their 9". Three inches makes a LOT of difference. My boxes came out much bigger than they used to and I was able to use 12"x12" Christmas printed cardstock from Michaels. All together this entire project only cost me the expense of the paper which was $10 for 48 sheets. I really only needed around 30 so I have 18 extra to use as I like.
I went on their website and choose 16 different 3D box patterns. I used a Silhouette gift card which went a LONG way this weekend. Patterns were only 50¢ a piece! That's half off! That really adds up when you're getting multiple patterns. Of course, you could do this project with just one box pattern but I just wanted to mix things up a bit. Then I also bought 3 sets of numbers patterns to add to the front of each box.
I colored in the numbers on the front with a brown marker so they would stand out against the background and so the kids could find them easily on the tree. I also added holes in the pattern when needed and strung a thin chocolate brown string through each box to hang from the tree.
The best thing about these boxes is that I can use them next year and the year after....etc and they only took a day to make all 25 including the trip to Michaels.

Now, all I have to do is think of a tiny project to include for each day of the month. I think I might just be putting candy in a few of them but I'll try to make a project for as many as I can and post on Grosgrain. My first box will be little fabric flower hair clips, a Reese's peanut butter cup and a Christmas fact. Do any of you have any good suggestions for small homemade gifts to include in the boxes. Nothing that takes all day, maybe an hour TOPS. So far I've got rings, headbands, seeds, monogrammed mittens and a Christmas pin.
I tried to use the Silhouette to cut stiffened felt but it didn't work. It didn't bunch up or anything but it only cut halfway through the surface. I'm still not giving up. Trying to think of other things.

Well.....I'm off to research mini crafts:) Wish me luck!

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Louisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Lots of the gifts in my Advent calendar will be variations on No Sew Fabric ornaments -

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are amazing!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

At our house, our advent calendar has some candy and some 'activities' inside. So, together as a family, we partipate in these activities together. If you run out of craft/gift ideas you could try that. The pages with activity suggestions on them go in the boxes randomly and are a surprise. Some of ours include: watch a holiday movie, sing Carols, drink peppermint hot chocolate, bake gingerbread, etc..

{jen} iCandyhandmade said... Best Blogger Tips

Those boxes look amazing. What a fun thing to do with your girls. If your girls are anything like my daughter, maybe a couple boxes with a craft in it that they could do?

Meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute and creative idea!

Abigail said... Best Blogger Tips

If you could find a small nativity you could build it one person at a time by putting them in the boxes as part of the lesson. The final box of course would contain baby Jesus.

Rach said... Best Blogger Tips

I actually have a mini-Nativity set in at least 10 of my calendar boxes. Was a gift, though, so not sure where the pieces came from, but after each reveal, they will slowly reveal a completed manger scene. Baby Jesus is Day 25.

nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

What beautiful boxes and an awesome idea! I'm sure it was a ton of work. So inspirational!

Haftowane Prezenty said... Best Blogger Tips

These boxes look amazing. Really beautiful work!!

I've made a different advent calendar. I used empty boxes of matches. Put numbers around it and hang it from a wreath. You can have a look at my blog:

My daughter has a lot of fun discovering every day what's in the box. I put some candies inside but also girl's bath gel and little ponies.

She really loves it :)


tonisulli said... Best Blogger Tips

Martha Stewart has a tutorial for button ornaments. They are small and adorable. One is a wreath, the other a snowman.

Fun photos in a tiny picture frame are good little presents.

Unique money - a silver dollar / $2.00 bill.


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