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November 2, 2011

I'm feeling the holiday spirit!
China Glaze in Tinsel Town. Oooo. I bought mine at the local Sally's.
And say HEY! Did any of you see Real Simple's no smudge tip?
Set a manicure in record time. Lightly mist cooking spray on freshly painted nails for instant smudge protection.
Haven't tried it but I wonder if it works better than a fast drying topcoat?

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Natasha said... Best Blogger Tips

I know that putting some oil on your nail dries them quickly. You get special nail oils, but baby oil or even cooking oil works just as well.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

As a licensed cosmetologist i can tell you that it really does work, the sprays that you pay plenty of $ for are just made of a type of mineral oil but any oil will do, whether you spray it on, drop it on or brush it on, it's all the same, I use canola oil and brush it on my cuticles and nails at the same time, I just pour a little into an empty nail oil bottle and it costs me about $0.01 instead of $3 or more.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

And yes, it does work better than a fast drying top coat.

Jessica Peck said... Best Blogger Tips

now if only you had a tip for getting that glitter off better! :)

Red Tash said... Best Blogger Tips

These are gorgeous. Glitter wears long, too, in my experience. I'm a writer, so I am constantly jamming my nails in the keyboard. Before that, I was an accountant--just my calculator hand would be chipped. ;)

You know what I'm loving lately? I signed up for Birchbox, and they delivered nail appliques. I think the brand name is Incoco. They're a little pricey, but if you find a coupon code, they're about the same price as Salley Hansen, and they're pretty sweet. They wear forever and there's no waiting for them to dry. They do kind of "cure" after about 20-30 min, though, then the polish lasts for weeks if you're careful to put it on with no air bubbles beneath. Takes a little practice. Anyway, just thought I would mention it. I have four kidlets and never get the space to paint my nails with real polish, but I can do these while I'm watching them play soccer and the like.

Cute blog, have a great night!

Ballad of Seasons said... Best Blogger Tips

this nailpolish is AMAZING!
xoxo, Betül

OnePerfectDay said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE that nail polish!
I'll be sure and try the tip too.

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