Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2011!!!!!!!

October 20, 2011

Yesterday I was at the dentist office and totally bored. (I'm always waiting over an hour to be seen even when I have a set appointment. Is that normal?) Anyway! So I started putting together my Christmas List. It seems I have a gazillion people to shop for. And each of those people need multiple gifts. I'm happy to have so many close family members and a few select close friends in my life but I'm also super broke come December 26th.

I always have the best intentions of making gifts by hand but by the time Christmas comes I'm way too behind to do any of the things I planned. Sometimes I even buy the supplies and don't get to finish the project which is super wasteful!

So I'm putting together a handmade holiday gift guide early this year! See new link in sidebar! I'm also adding an option for you to post your own holiday gift ideas to this list (see linky party button at bottom of page). It doesn't have to be something you've already made. An idea is great too! You'll find that some of these posts are ideas rather than tutorials. But if any of you would like advice as to how to replicate something I'm more than happy to give my thoughts!

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Kristen Good said... Best Blogger Tips

I always call the office and ask how far behind t hey are running. Then I just come in as late as the doctor is running. This will work as long as they take patients by the appointment time and don't do it by what time the patients arrive. Usually, they'll work with you. If the doctors running an hour late and you want to come in 45 minutes past your appointment time so you don't have to wait there an hour, they'll usually understand and work with you!

The Experienced Novice said... Best Blogger Tips

I also have the same problem of wanting to make things to give during the holidays and never getting around to finishing or even starting the project. I was actually considering starting to make things now. Can't wait to see the gift guide.

Pretty Zesty said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful! I'd like to make my own gifts this year. It looks so fun and will really mean a lot to the person.

Crazy Wonderful said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE this idea! This year is going to be a handmade Christmas :D

Clarissa said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea! I love this. In the past I've made hot-pads, aprons, scarves and hats for friends and family. I took a look at your list and have my eye on a few things for Christmas.
As for the dentist, I also always have to wait. It's terrible, so I always bring a book or magazine.

Pieces to Love said... Best Blogger Tips

No it is not normal to wait that long. It sounds like your dentist has a serious issue with over-booking. My current dentist is wonderful. My son had a 4:00 appt, and the Dr. was in checking him over at 4:01. Teeth were cleaned and we were on our way home by 4:20.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said... Best Blogger Tips

This is such a great idea!! I'm off to browse for inspiration...

Julia said... Best Blogger Tips

These really are wonderful holiday gifts

Mik Harewam said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the guide, that's going to be such a help!
With appointments, sometimes if you call ahead they lie to you and you STILL end up waiting! Try sending them a bill for your time!!! So you sat there an hour and a half, that will be £75 thank you very much! (That should ruffle some feathers!) ;)

Abigail said... Best Blogger Tips

You should try my dentist. Im always done 30 minutes after my appointment time. Although I don't think they take your insurance. However I think the girls have the same insurance as Christian and Grace and they do take that and are great with kids.

Hele said... Best Blogger Tips

great idea!!!

thank you for this list

Titchose said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea this guide. i too am always struggling to get my presents ready and since handmade is not very appreciated in my family, I usually end up buying stuff anyway :( This year though handmade will have to be enough since we really are on a low budget.
I was wondering if I could submit an idea that is not mine ? I found some great ideas in blogland and thought it would be nive to share (with links and everything of course).

OnePerfectDay said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful idea!
Do you have a button I can put up on my blog?
(Is there one somewhere I missed?)

Joanna Papa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for this great list!
If you don't feel crafty, Check out MISI's Handmade Gift Guide!

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